Gregory MarkelGregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative, LLC announced today during an SES NYC 2007 session  that in “3rd or “4th” quarter Infuse Creative will release a commercial build of their proprietary Video SEO software. Infuse Creative’s optimization team presently uses this software in-house to batch the video submission and tracking process to numerous video engines.

The Infuse website defines the company as such: “Infuse Creative, LLC employs the latest state of the art search engine marketing technologies and methodologies to lead generation, ecommerce, and branding/awareness clients via full service search engine marketing & Internet marketing services…”
Screen of New Video Submission SEO Tool in Beta
Video SEO Tool
Gregory showed me a screen capture of the upcoming video SEO tool which Infuse Creative uses in-house allready to assist the video submission process and the tracking thereof.  Because the content submission and tagging process differs from search engine, a viral release can take a very long time. This software promises to guide and partially automate that process, making the video “release” easier- ala Trellian or Web Position.

Later when talking to a representative from Chrysler Gregory Markel was overheard quipping that Infuse needed to create the tool initially because the submission process can be “such a pain!” Stay tuned for more information. Certainly video SEO tools for the submission and tracking of online videos will be come a more prominent SEO tool niche in the future.

  • Sai Kai Lee

    Seriously Greg, good luck with this tool (Double entendre intended)!

  • Sai Kai Lee

    4 months later, still no tool? Wow, how surprising. Do you think another 4 months will do it?

  • Sai Kai Lee

    Well, I guess not. Almost 8 months now, and still nothing materialized? I must admit, I am shocked! Greg stated that this tool would be released in the 3rd or 4th quarter, but in his defense, he did not specify what YEAR he was talking about. Still, promising something that you can’t deliver is called a lie where I come from.

  • Marty Weintraub

    You know Sai, vindictive behavior in public comes back to you exponentially. No matter how you feel Gregory has harmed you or what personal ax you have to grind, he’s a well respected community member. You should take this conversation to the back room with Gregory.