10 Kevlar #PPC Analyses & Processes For A Bulletproof Account


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Establishing clear-cut process is the underpinning of any successful PPC program. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a Ronco Rotisserie, to “set it and forget it” would be to get oneself burned. Regular performance sweeps and optimizations are necessary to ensure positive directional account health. Business objectives vary within and across industry verticals giving way… Read More


Social Media Content Pitch #Fail! Avoiding Arrogance & How To Humbly Ping Others


When does social content promotion cross the line to become spam? One bright red line is when a user arrogantly pings other users.  This post highlights content pitching worst practices and offers humility-based solutions that work. Having just attended the vaunted #NMX conference (New Media Expo/blogworld), we were moved by how deeply magnanimous speakers and… Read More



#NMX Speakers Measured! Who Are The Big Kahunas?

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This weekend, aimClear has the pleasure of attending a new conference for us, NMX originally blogworld.  Since 2007 bloggers, podcasters, web TV, video producers and other digital content creators have been gathering in Las Vegas to attend what organizers tout as: “The biggest New Media expo in the World.” Sounds awesome! A handful of the… Read More


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A Gift Of Legos! aimClear’s Sydney Opera House Time Lapse Construction Video


Last August our friend Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder of Raven Internet Marketing Tools, noticed aimClear post Facebook status updates and tweets from Australia. Jon’s a lovely guy and Raven reflects his magnanimous personality.  While I was still in Australia, the staff told me there was a largish package waiting for me. I asked them to open… Read More

SEM Poetry Slam


Sydney To New York! aimClear’s 2013 Online Marketing Conference Coverage Highlights


We’ve had an incredible year at aimClear. Our staff has grown rapidly and the St. Paul crew moved to a new office. We’ve been blessed with opportunities to work with outstanding clients and travel the globe, speaking at conferences from Israel to Sydney to Munich. We couldn’t have asked for more! To round out this… Read More

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