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aimClear® is a rapidly growing 25-person Minnesota-based online marketing agency, widely respected for integrated strategies, radically focused social and search demographic targeting, message testing, and guerrilla conversion techniques.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with clients ranging from iconic multinational brands to incredibly cool startups. Client credits include Intel, Siemens, Tektronix, SecondLife, Martha Stewart, Victaulic, and many others.

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   No one has ever seen Marty speak and not come away in awe of the passion, dedication, and deep expertise he shines.

- Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-Founder, SEOmoz -

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Our agency is known for bleeding-edge creative tactics and a holistic approach to integrating social media, search, and PR channels. Our process and tools for mapping “whole users” to social and search, using both paid and organic tactics, has proven revolutionary for B2B and B2C sales, lead generation, community building, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). Our proprietary predictive modeling software makes setting goals scientific in largely unpredictable multi-channel environments.

aimClear’s thought leadership is undisputed and foundational to our industry’s adoption and evangelization of social PPC advertising at scale, integrated with search and organic social media. We’re proud that so much of our thinking surrounding integrated paid, organic, search, and social marketing has been adopted industry-wide over the years.

aimClear’s management team has more than 100 years of aggregate experience, with professional online-marketing resumes dating back to 1993. Still, we don’t rest on our laurels. A number of our staff regularly contribute articles to highly respected trade publications and speak at prestigious conferences all over the world. Wherever you need to go, it’s probable that we’ve been there before and are well on our way to what’s next.

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aimClear team members speak & keynote regularly at industry conferences around the world. From Sydney to New York, Israel, London & San Francisco, we hope to meet you!

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