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Revive Suffocating Web 1.0 Sites with Tricked-Out WordPress Mashups.

aimClear gets daily cold calls from confused businesses that are losing ground. The stories are eerily similar. “We used have high Google rankings”, “Why do Internet Yellow Pages rank above us for the name of our company?”, and “What are all these maps, videos, and news stories?”` The answer is easy. Universal search and third […]

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WordPress Exclusion List for Analytics

Lot’s of our favorite blogs use WordPress. This very useful little list of URL exclusions is used to exclude non-marketing WordPress traffic from analytics reports, whatever package you use. For those uninitiated readers (future-analytics-warriors): by default modern analytics packages exclude requests for graphics and robots. (Remember the difference between hits and unique visitors 🙂 ). […]

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10 WordPress Weekly Buzz Links

Here are some highlight’s from this weeks SU WordPress buzz, with links to each reviewer’s SU profile. Weblog Tools Collection & Blog Archive & Announcing WordPress Pl… scorpion68a Interesting competition. It seems that we are going to improve our plugins collection. Introducing ProSense: An Adsense Ready SEO WordPress Theme VladTheAffiliate From the page: “Featuring built-in […]