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Revealed: Which Video Platforms Get Results in Universal SERPs

You may think that YouTube is the only game in town, but it is not. Google, and to a greater extent Bing, source hundreds of channels to populate organic universal  SERPs. This post shares data from our study to reveal the extent that platforms (YouTube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, etc…) comprise unversal SERPs.   The second installment […]

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Nice Assets Baby! Leveraging Digital Content For Universal SERPs

Welcome to today’s first SearchEngineStrategies NYC 2010 breakout session on the Beyond the Crawlers Track, Digital Asset Optimization.  Moderating this session is Richard Zwicky, Founder & CEO, Enquisite and set to speak are Mark Knowles, President & CEO, Pixelsilk, Inc., Chris Boggs Director, SEO, Rosetta, Josh Cobb, Sr. Director, Publisher Revenue Optimization, Yahoo, and Lee Odden, SES […]

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Will You Blend? Take Advantage of Mixed Media SERPs

For better or for worse, mixed media or “blended” search results pages are probably here to stay. If you assume that raw authority is going to guarantee you a first page result  for a hot news story or push down a viral video that’s harmful to your brand, you should probably just quit now think […]


Universal SERPs: Vertical Detail in First Results

Greetings from the Big Apple! This SES New York 2009 session is all about keeping tabs on ever changing  advancements in universal & blended search- and what it means for marketing. The moderator is Kevin M. Ryan, SES Advisory Board Chair, CMO, WebVisible, Inc.


Universal Search & Optimizing For Blended SERPs

Hello to all, Manny Rivas here at SES Chicago 2008. I’m thrilled to be here providing coverage for aimClear Blog. Thanks to Sandy Prouix and the whole SearchEngineStrategies team. The weather is cold outside but the energy in these sessions is great!

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Humbled SEO Warriors: Search is Universal. Blended Verticals Tower.

As a result of Universal & Blended Vertical Search it’s not just about web pages anymore. Google’s Universal Search aggregates local, news, video, book content, blog search, and a number of other verticals from content “repositories” and displays them in various positions on SERPs. This is especially true for some commercial keywords and can include […]