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6 Irrefutable Reasons Why Psychographic Content Marketing IS The “New” Display


Most brands don’t generate nearly enough revenue from their content marketing investment. It’s no wonder. Search engines neutered SEO years ago, leaving little free prominence above the SERPs (search engine results page) fold.  Now social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, hungry for their slice of display marketing budgets, spayed free content distribution in favor of… Read More

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Gorgeous Retargeting Filters! Merging Search & Psychographic Ads


Working at aimClear means we’re blessed with daily opportunities to take zoomed-out snapshots of marketing systems, from simple structures to epic enterprise-organisms. The most basic audit questions are easy. “Does this marketing system generate enough conversions or not?” “If not, then why?” As front-line auditors there’s not always tons of time for assessment, which is… Read More

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Psychographic Targeting Unhinged! The Zen Of “Whole Customer” Persona Modeling


As an industry we have finally arrived in the holistic-user-targeting future! Psychographic variable research is now the gold standard by which to hold marketers accountable. Now and forever, best-in-class execution means paid and organic campaigns that deliver seriously sliced and tagged traffic by empirical attributes holistically across social and search. Haven’t heard of psychographics? Well, you… Read More

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