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Outshine Social Competitors! Actionable Tips from #PRNews Summit


We recently ventured to New York City to celebrate the great work we do with a fantastic client at the PR News Social Media Icon awards and to attend the PR News Social Media Summit with Taste of Tech. This two-day event at The Grand Hyatt in Manhattan kicked off with industry pros and social… Read More


Lisa Buyer’s “Social PR Secrets” Exposed! An aimClear Book Review


Longtime industry speaker and aimClear friend of many years, Lisa Buyer, released her debut book, Social PR Secrets, in September 2013. After reading the book and pondering everything Lisa had to share, we decided to celebrate her success with a book review. Without further ado, prepare yourself for a thought-provoking session of social PR secrets!… Read More

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Walmart’s Fraking Website Issues Cost More Than Just $$$$$


Things go wrong on websites all the time. For big brands, a simple website glitch can cost millions of dollars and lately, there’s been a whole lot of glitching going on.  Everyone homes in on the amount of dollars lost. I’d like to point out that there is a lot more at stake. Earlier this… Read More

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Get A Better PR Job: aimClear Is Hiring!


Being a member of the PR team at aimClear means taking what you have applied in your traditional public relations role and amping it up into the world of psychographic social distribution.  Are you the type of professional that likes to redefine the box you’re outside of, the type who likes to work in social… Read More

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How to Spot an Old School PR Agency


aimClear has long embraced an online marketing model in which public relations is a core component. Among our staff of 22, 6 have deep experience in public relations. If the value PR brings to online marketing is not painfully obvious by now, you haven’t been paying attention. The opposite is also true. Online marketing tactics… Read More

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