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“Massage” PPC With “Not So Clear-Cut Methods”

This last session for SES NY, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: Black Hat PPC Tactics” was chalk full of ideas (nudge, wink) not to use. After surveying the room for Google representatives in the room, the panel of PPC experts launched into presentations outlining gray and black hat tactics for PPC.  Are these great […]

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New Adwords UI, Happy SEMs & Awkward Clapping

A hallmark of the Search Engine Strategies conferences has been the  “first look” and stage demoing of bleeding edge search marketing tools before they go live and eventually change the world. Rather than the unveiling of a brand new tool performing functions we didn’t know we needed, the search marketing community at SESNY 09 received […]


SEM Means Search Engine Marketing, Not PPC!

There was a palpable hush in our aimClear rotunda office yesterday afternoon as, *gasp,* I finally caved personally to incorrect usage of of the initials “SEM” to humor our PPC client. Sadly in this wacky world of nearly indistinguishable acronyms, abbreviations and cryptic terms there’s a colloquial tragedy afoot. Even the New York Times got […]

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Welcome to PPC Boot Camp with Matt and Mona

[This post is our continuining coverage of SES Chicago 2008] Proper execution of the basic, proven and successful models is necessary for success in any business endeavor. Search Marketing is no different. After spending the past 3 days listening to excellent people extol us to further develop and exceed current practices and performances, it was […]


5 Tactics to Meld PPC, Social Media & SEO

PPC, search engine optimization and SMO do not exist in a vacuum. In fact for countless small business SEMs, the delineation between working amongst these classic disciplines is simply a matter of how the marketer’s day is spent. Larger in-house and agency settings often present internal walls built between each department, along with classic pros […]

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PR Triage, 32 Million PPC Impressions, Less Than 4K

Tune in to and hear yesterday’s interview. David Szetela and I described a reputation management crises we handled for a client together, that tallied 32 million targeted “emergency PR” Google pay per click impressions for less than 4K. We had a client with a bad “problem-word.” The nasty verbiage also existed in annoying permutations […]

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Buyer Beware! What Local Media Sites Don’t Want Advertisers To Know

We encounter companies spending obscene amounts of Internet marketing cash on unfocused local television and newspaper website banner ads, relying on semi-useless statistics and without building in the campaign’s ability to calculate return on investment.

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World Class Contextual Ad Targeting Tips Revealed

It’s Day 4 at SES San Jose and it looks like they saved the best for last. Moderated by Gregg Stewart SVP, Interactive, TMP Directional Marketing, this session looked at Contextual Advertising from two directions: from a publisher’s perspective on how to generate more revenue dollars and also effective tactics for managing contextual campaigns. David […]