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Usability Expert, Shari Thurow, SHOCKING Retort to Responsive Design

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Shari Thurow lives at the intersection of search and usability, so when she says listening is the key to creating a great user experience, we should listen. Shari spent time with Marty Weintraub on the expo floor at SMX East zooming out to hit the key bullet points marketers need to remember when thinking about… Read More

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How Does Your SEO Measure Up? 852 Supreme Performance Metrics Tips From #SMX


Welcome to aimClear’s coverage of SMX West 2013!  Ahhh, Search Marketing Expo. Mainstay of the online marketing conference circuit, full-on buffet of seriously tasty brainchow, and a most wonderful reason we can think of to skedaddle off to sunny San Jose, California in the middle of Minnesota’s marathon winter season. Great timing! But seriously. SMX West… Read More

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Beluga Analytics Offers Demographics & Stats Behind Your Guiltiest Pleasures: JFFF!


Gather round, kids – it’s time for another installment of Holy Heck, That A Nifty Tool! i.e. JFFF! i.e. Just For Fun Friday. This week, we were introduced to Beluga, an open insights platform made available by the fine folks over at Grooveshark. This super cool site prompts visitors to enter a musical artist’s name, and behold!… Read More

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Data Puking, Killer Master Ninjas, & “The Big O”: Avinash Keynotes #SESNY


Welcome to aimClear’s coverage of Search Engine Strategies, New York edition! Ahhhh, Avinash. Nothing says “Let’s do this, #SES!” like an opening keynote from a super-smart and borderline racy marketer the likes of Avinash Kashuk, Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google. “Borderline racy” a little too vague for the readers at home? Previous Avinash keynotes tackled tantalizing topics… Read More

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#WTF Factor: #SEO Analytics Survival In The Age Of Vanishing Keywords


This post shares new and traditional measurement options to sooth the savage SEO.  We’ll also offer a different take on organic keyword tracking, based on page level semantic cluster analysis using Webmaster Tools to mash in keywords, missing as a result of Google’s encrypted search. SO… read the whole post or skim down now for… Read More

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