Merry Morud

Merry Morud

Senior Creative Strategist

After receiving a full-contact, crash-course in nearly everything online marketing she found her sweet-spot in Facebook marketing, creative, and deep, dense psychographic targeting. Merry describes her enthusiasm for online marketing as a love of the innovation, pace, and creative potential. “The industry moves so fast, it’s impossible to get bored.”

Jumping Through Hoops: Enterprise Level SEO Tips

It’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest SEO tactics. Add thousands (or even millions of pages) and corporate hoops to jump though, and that is the hell an enterprise SEO point person deals with every day. Educating key decision makers, overcoming budget issues and keeping everyone on the same page were all […]

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Eye Tracking Research, All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Knowing and understanding how consumers interact with your website is valuable information that can be obtained by looking over their shoulder. This approach is creepy and tedious. Instead, you could utilize eye tracking studies, but they can’t tell you the whole story. Read on for coverage from the Eye Tracking Research Update session at Search […]


Analytics Pioneer John Marshall On Using Data Well

Bottom line? Utilizing and understanding the analytic data behind your website traffic is absolutely essential if you plan on making money. The Introduction To Analytics session at Search Engine Strategies New York left the audience with a depth of courage to explore Google Analytics (GA), five elements of a CEO-worthy report, the best KPIs to […]

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What To Do When “The Man” Gets You Down (in the SERPs)

If your website is lost to Google (aka “The Man”), not just buried in the SERPs, it may have violated Google’s Terms of Service (TOS) by singular or multiple violations. This isn’t a mistake, so be prepared to get on your knees, confess your crimes, wait for the Googlers to flip the switch back on […]

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When Marketing to Marketers, Education is Essential (Shocker)

The marketing to marketers panel at SES Chicago 2009 emphasizes education is key when marketing an intangible product to an ultra-critical niche market.

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A Social Media Strategy Engagement Primer

[This post continues aimClear’s ongoing coverage of Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2009.] Your company’s Facebook account is an entirely different animal than your mom’s. Companies have a lot more at stake when it comes to social media. Research, strategy development and a clear plan for measurement are a crucial prerequisites to engaging customers in online […]


Notes On The Holistic Science of SEO Copywriting

How the text is written has a huge impact on search positions and conversions. It’s not just about sticking keywords in copy. It’s not about keyword density. It’s about writing content that connects with readers.

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Find Social Media Success By Strategy & Execution

Engaging in social media requires a focused marketing strategy and genuine engagement. Whether you are selling goods, acquiring leads or providing a service read this before you build or expand your company’s social medial profiles.

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