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Merry Morud

After receiving a full-contact, crash-course in nearly everything online marketing she found her sweet-spot in Facebook marketing and deep, dense psychographic targeting. Merry describes her enthusiasm for online marketing as a love of the innovation, pace, and creativity potential. “The industry moves so fast, it’s impossible to get bored.”


Why the New #Facebook Ads Campaign Layout Handicaps Marketers


Last week, Facebook unrolled a new layout for their All Campaigns Page– which, surprisingly, lacks crucial at-a-glance information for advertisers. Far be it from us to assume what’s going on in Zuckerberg & Co.’s head, but one thing’s for certain: Facebook API tools are now more crucial than ever, especially for managers of large campaigns.… Read More

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New #FB Profiles Means Better Targeting for Marketers


A week or so ago, Facebook rolled out a massive user profile interface face-lift. With it came brand spakin’ new profile info fields members were encouraged to complete. The “Interests” umbrella burst open. Suddenly, Zuck & Co. wanted to learn about the “People Who Inspire You,” the “Sports You Play,” your “Favorite Teams,” and “Favorite… Read More

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Amplify Facebook Ad Targeting With Social Synonyms


Compliments of Silicon Alley Insider’s Chart of the Day, it’s pretty clear to see that Facebook Advertising has skyrocketed past the old standby advertising platforms of Google, AOL, Yahoo and the like in terms of ad impressions in the US. Advertising on Facebook is a serious weapon for online marketers, yet many are halted by… Read More

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Facebook Marketing to the (Lunatic) Political Fringe


Labor Day is over and the final push for Midterm Elections is here, with the media & candidates whipping up political parties into a polarizing frenzy. Whether you are a divisive mastermind looking to stir the crazy pot or a candidate hoping to clear up some slung mud, political Facebook ads are your friends amongst… Read More

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Social Networking & Gen Y: Opportunity, Not Obstacle


Dear Public School System of the United States: The time has come for you to stop thinking social networking prohibition will magically end online abuse and make your students better, safer, and nicer people. For the sake of future generations, please, take the reins and integrate structured social networking education into your curriculum. Encourage your… Read More

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