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Merry Morud

After receiving a full-contact, crash-course in nearly everything online marketing she found her sweet-spot in Facebook marketing and deep, dense psychographic targeting. Merry describes her enthusiasm for online marketing as a love of the innovation, pace, and creativity potential. “The industry moves so fast, it’s impossible to get bored.”


Targeting Facebook Users By Mobile Devices Used


Facebook’s Broad Category targeting is serious- seriously cool! The things you can target (for example, expecting parents) are ridiculously deadeye. Broad category targeting is also seriously powerful (for example, folks who have children in certain age brackets). Now, unbeknownst to all, advertisers can even target users based on the type of mobile device they use to access Facebook… We… Read More

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Facebook Targeting Alert! Gaming the Grid with Power Editor? OMG, RLY?!


Newsflash!(?) Facebook either introduced some seriously radical targeting features to Power Editor or Power Editor is being a bit wonky. We’re hoping for the former, because with this new targeting feature (?) marketers can now target Precise Interests AND Broad Categories. At the SAME TIME.

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Dear #Facebook Ads Global Marketing Solutions Team: #WTF?


A deep look at how Facebook ignores the thousands of advertisers despite oodles of advertising revenue incoming daily.

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Building Powerful Brands Without Big Brand Budgets, from #SESCHI


Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of #SESCHI! We just didn’t feel right moving past Day #2 without paying tribute to a session that truly rocked the SES crowd, Building Brands Without Big Brand Budgets. It was positively packed with tactics and takeaways, so much so we needed a full 24 hours to digest them all. Ryan… Read More

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Advanced eCommerce: Enhancing the Experience for User & Panda #SESChi


The second day of #SESCHI is in full swing, and the Panda vs. Human: Advanced eCommerce SEO & UX, featuring speakers Greg Nudelman, CTO of Design Caffeine and author of Designing Search (@DesignCaffeine) Inc and Jaimie Sirovich, CTO of SEO Egghead Inc (@SEOEgghead) tackled some seriously deep tactics for pleasing the Panda without compromising user experience. Greg and Jaimie… Read More

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