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2% Display CTR, G+ Post Amplification! Is AdWords Social The New SEO?


Matt Cutts says you can’t buy it, and we certainly want to honor Google’s TOS. Can we just be the first to say #WTF are you teasing us? SRSLY? G giveth and G taketh away, and we’re buying Google psychographic page post amplication ads while we can. You may want to as well Before you… Read More

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10 Kevlar #PPC Analyses & Processes For A Bulletproof Account


Establishing clear-cut process is the underpinning of any successful PPC program. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a Ronco Rotisserie, to “set it and forget it” would be to get oneself burned. Regular performance sweeps and optimizations are necessary to ensure positive directional account health. Business objectives vary within and across industry verticals giving way… Read More

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Facebook Graph Search MANIA! Must-Read Resources, UI Tour & Review


First things first. Since the announcement of Graph Search there have been a number of great reads from marketers and news sources. We’ve pulled together a list of a handful we enjoyed… Facebook Likes May Now Be as Valuable as Links – MartiniBuster What Facebook’s Graph Search Means for Marketers – Social Media Explorer Up… Read More

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Uncle Tom’s Brilliant Social Tactic: Capitalize On Competitor’s Tragic #Fail


This is the story of how one brand’s screw up became a competitor’s social media opportunity. It doesn’t take much effort to monitor the socialsphere for your competitors’ brand terms, provide a solution, and turn their dissatisfied customer into YOUR brand evangelist. Read on to see how one Madeline Island lodge did just that. Brief… Read More

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Definitive YouTube TrueView Ads Guide: What Smart Marketers Need To Know


This is an all inclusive guide to setting up YouTube TrueView video ads. Whether you are looking to use these video ads for branding, generating leads, direct response or you just plain want to drive views to your stellar new video, this guide will show you how to set up your campaign from the ground… Read More

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