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Gretchen Gautreaux

Whether with clay or ad creative, Gretchen’s hands are always dirty. Gretchen is an Online Marketing Production Specialist at aimClear, where she specializes in Facebook and LinkedIn ads production. From targeting to creative to campaign management and optimization, if it has to do with social ads, Gretchen’s most likely involved.

With no two days being exactly the same, Gretchen credits the search marketing industry as having the perfect balance between business and creative. “There is an overwhelming amount of passion in this line of work,” she says. “People enjoy what they do, they enjoy each other and they work incredibly hard. It’s pretty darn inspiring.”


Facebook Partner Categories: Wrangle Up Some Deadeye Targeting Segments, Y’all! (+7 Must-Read Posts)


As you may have heard, the next big thing from Facebook is being rolled out before our very eyes. It’s called Partner Categories. SMBs everywhere are holding their breath, crossing their fingers, clutching their lucky rabbit’s foot charms close to their hearts in anticipation of this new advertising tool. The word around the watering hole… Read More

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LinkedIn Ads: The Social Marketer’s Ticket To Amplifying Organic Reach


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#SESSF In Review: 27 Must-Read Online Marketing Posts From Around the Web


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B2B Video In Da House! Essential Techniques & Tips For Success From #SESSF


All right folks. SES San Francisco 2012 has officially come to a close. But not before a final super-informative and entertaining session, Keys to Success with B2B Video. Greg Jarboe, our fun-loving moderator, helped us get to know Leslie Drate, Social Media Team Lead with Cisco and Mark Robertson, Founder of ReelSEO. Greg started things off by promising… Read More

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The New Inbox: Charting The Intersection of Email, Mobile, & Social Marketing @ #SESSF


Welcome back to aimClear’s 2012 coverage of #SESSF! This morning, attendees had the absolute pleasure so sit in on a session called: The New Inbox: The Intersection of Email, Mobile, & Social Marketing. Moderator Sundeep Kapur, Digital Evangelist at NCR Corp introduced us to BrightWave Marketing’s Director of Strategic Services, Jay Jhun, and The VP of… Read More

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