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Gretchen Gautreaux

Whether with clay or ad creative, Gretchen’s hands are always dirty. Gretchen is an Online Marketing Production Specialist at aimClear, where she specializes in Facebook and LinkedIn ads production. From targeting to creative to campaign management and optimization, if it has to do with social ads, Gretchen’s most likely involved.

With no two days being exactly the same, Gretchen credits the search marketing industry as having the perfect balance between business and creative. “There is an overwhelming amount of passion in this line of work,” she says. “People enjoy what they do, they enjoy each other and they work incredibly hard. It’s pretty darn inspiring.”


Defining Native Advertising at #SMX East! A Step-by-step Guide for Overcoming Challenges


HELLO Big Apple! It’s that time of year again: SMX East 2014, and our aimClear crew couldn’t be more excited to be here! We’ve been busy mingling & meeting new industry friends, staking claim with our content amplification tool debut, attending sessions, and enjoying our time in NYC. Ready, Set, GO. If you’re looking to… Read More

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Lisa Buyer’s “Social PR Secrets” Exposed! An aimClear Book Review


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Google Glass, +1s & Search Galore at #PubCon 2013


Our coverage of PubCon continues from Las Vegas this morning! We all know that we should pay more attention to Google+, even though we really, really…really don’t want to. But if I’ve learned anything here at Pubcon 2013, it’s that Google+ is the future, and it’s going to get even more important to your overall… Read More

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LinkedIn Sponsored Feed Updates Finally! Look Organic, Actually Paid


You’ve been dreaming about a more robust LinkedIn paid-organic social distribution machine.  Well now it’s finally here! The long-awaited “Sponsored updates” from LinkedIn were just rolled out. We’ve been waiting for LI to augment their limited repertoire of traditional ad units for a long time. If you can get over the high price tag, it… Read More

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