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Calling All Clicks: PayPerCall @ SES

While we love our websites and enjoy the benefits of allowing customers to do their own buying, there is still this little invention called the telephone. People are as connected to their cell phones as they are to the world wide web. In some industries, it’s a toss-up as to the number of customers who […]


The Winner is Google…ah Yahoo…Maybe MSN?

Put your marketing program in context.  People are picky.  They like what they like.  The search engines work because people choose to use them.  It’s classic evolution – the most popular features will survive.  So how can you use that to your advantage?  Some search engines convert better than others.  Dana Todd, Co-founder and Principal, […]


Maximizing Conversion @ SES

So you have got people visiting your site and perusing what you have to offer. Are they visiting or intending to buy? Following on the heels of Landing Page Testing Overview, Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch introduced a panel of speakers to further your ability to […]


SES: Essential Landing Page Testing

Your website is like any retail store. You want it to look clean and nice from the outside so customers will come inside. Once inside, you want to be able to grab their attention with products to buy. Your website must work the same way. It must gain the customer’s interest and attention to entice […]

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Filling the Holes: Improving Your Website

Your website is done. Now you can relax and let the money roll in, right? Not likely. Your site may be the most beautiful creation and may have all the information you can imagine sprinkled with key words here and there. But this creation is filled with holes. Social media is becoming an essential part […]

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Demystifying Classic Intergenerational Web Communications

Mars and Venus have never communicated well or played nice together. Generations raised with computers (Mars) have expanded the internet universe to include a wide array of communication tools and possibilities. Older generations of business website models (Venus) are having a rougher time trying to keep up to the times simply because they don’t understand […]


Passing the Test: Live Website Evaluations at SES Chicago

If you have ever designed, or been involved in the design and content of any website, you know (or should know) that you are biased in your opinions. Yes, you can use all the right words and have pretty pictures, but is your site really able to pass the usability-test? Rebecca Lieb, Vice President & […]

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