Paid Organic Social Amplification

Paid Organic Is The New Black

Professional social media marketers know it’s getting much harder to drive organic impressions in Facebook’s news feed, ticker, and even from fans visiting a brand’s page. The precipitous drop has become more acute since the advent of the timeline and increased Facebook adoption. To various extents, the same holds true in other social channels, and we expect paid organic amplification tactics to become the new paradigm.

The thinning of organic opportunities is only going to continue. The good news: There are ways you can buy the feel of organic dominance. We’ll deploy a cocktail of paid organic ad units in Facebook, Twitter, and other channels that drastically amplify organic prominence. aimClear is entirely fluent at building communities for after-marketing through:

  • Facebook Page Post Ads
  • Facebook Page Post Like Sponsored Stories
  • Facebook Page Like Sponsored Stories
  • Twitter Promoted Tweets
  • Twitter Sponsored Hashtags
  • Twitter Sponsored Trends
  • YouTube InSearch
  • YouTube InDisplay
  • Paid Stumbles
  • Emergent paid organic-amplification units, including premium ad units, if your budget warrants