Measuring Social & Search Success: The Travis Bernard #SMX Social Interview

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Welcome back to aimClear’s coverage of SMX Social! Have you been enjoying our video interview series this year? Fear not, we have plenty more to share! Kicking things off with Travis Bernard, Audience Development Manager at AOL, Inc., the aimClear team along with Marcela got the conversation started on how to properly measure social and search success.

When it comes to measuring social media ROI, the first step marketers must take is to determine their goals before they jump into the strategy. So many people try to come up with the strategy before they determine the goals and then wonder why their campaigns are doomed to failure. The metrics to focus on will be determined by the goals, whether it be traffic, acquisitions, or brand awareness.

Facebook Insights and Simply Measured are useful tools for measuring impressions, whereas Google Analytics is great for measuring traffic. The tools marketers invest in should really be determined by their ultimate goals. Watch as Travis walks us through the obstacles, strategies and goals for a specific Twitter campaign.

Nope! We’re not done yet. Stay tuned for even more SMX Social video coverage!