Coffee, History & Memories: aimClear’s #SESSF Retrospective Roundup

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Good morning from San Francisco! aimClear is delighted to again be covering SES. The coffee’s hot  and there’s a promise of serious intellectual stimulation ahead, as we kick off Day One of our 2013 SES experience.  This year’s agenda is crisp and modern, focusing on the blended blur of paid and organic channels, tactics and techniques.

New attendees may not be aware of the conference’s rich history. SES SFO actually took place for many years in San Jose and moved here in 2010.   Speakers and attendees over the years have represented a veritable who’s who of online marketing movers and shakers.  We’ve been covering since 2007 and speaking since 2008. We love these people and this place. It’s great to be back.


Taking a look back at our SES coverage over the years we discovered a cornucopia of historic topics and crucial online marketing industry conversations. It’s  fascinating to look back at the years of coverage and see how our industry reacted to tectonic developments like universal search, personalized search, the demise of paid link building, early mobile thinking, emergence of social media, YouTube and tons of other major changes. Wow, that’s a mouthful!

So, sit back and enjoy a review of every post aimClear published as part of SES coverage in San Jose and then San Francisco. It’s worth looking back at the material as a lesson in how far our industry has come over the years. We hope you have a wonderful 2013 SES and/or enjoy aimClear’s coverage from afar.











More to come here! Stay tuned.

That’s a wrap for our trip down memory lane. Do you have any favorites from years past? Stay tuned as we share continued coverage of SES San Francisco 2013!

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