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googleOnline SOV has unique meaning to advertisers using Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter marketers. As an AdWords marketer, you probably care about Impression Share, which Google describes thusly: “An easy way to understand the value of [AdWords] impression share is to think of the online advertising landscape as a delicious pie. You and your competitors are each trying to grab the biggest slice of that pie. By tracking your impression share metrics, you’re keeping tabs on the size of your slice compared to the whole.”


Impression Share is a type of SOV. Google reps certainly describe it that way to our brand clients whence trying to sell more AdWords impressions.  Worrying about impression share matters when the keyword or display targeting is valuable.  We don’t advocate blindly basing AdWords media spend on dominating impression share for overly broad targeting or mass branding. You have to have pretty deep pockets to spend money on impression share that does not convert in an attribution model, drive organic brand search or other success-results. Whatever Google says, impression share is an expensive way to brand.

Percentage of PPC keywords advertisers are purchasing, compared to competitors, is a flavor of SOV.  This is a SpyFu Kombat report, which outputs overlapping and unique keywords between advertisers.


Here’s another view, in classic SpyFu, that shows that share of voice for quantity of KWs being purchased by advertisers.


PPC budget SOV is a handy measurement.


AdGooRoo is an even deeper tool that helps marketers figure out if a competitor has better positioning. Advertiser Comparison reports illustrate keywords in which your competitors outrank you and receive a greater percentage of search engine traffic. Compare budgets, traffic, and CPC prices on the same report.


The report below shows A/B advertisers’ budgets, impressions, clicks, click through rates, and other metrics. AdGooRoo reports are actionable. They claim deeper data and cover display, as well as search and SEO. SpyFu handles search PPC and SEO but not display SOV.


For PPC early adopters, SpyFu’s beta AdWords Advisor report looks at competitors and suggests good values using big data. It’s not necessary to know competitors or KWs to pull this report so it’s great for clients that won’t show any data when soliciting agencies to pitch.  Check out how the travel mugs were suggested to Pinnacle Promotions…fascinating.


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  • LJ

    This has been a brilliant read, the idea of using analytics to view my own data as well as others is great. It’s like sharing what does and doesn’t work for you as a company. Let’s face it, something that works for one person may not work for another. This is the same in business. I also liked the fact that you linked demographics in this. Word choice is so important because it really does need to be focused on who the buyers are, and who you are trying to encourage to your site.