LMAO Link Buying: aimClear Just For Fun Friday! (cc @MattCutts)

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Dude, overt link buying is like SO 1998. Imagine a link buying approach that is so over the top that even experienced link builders cringe, as opposed to the usual report-as-spam-and-delete daily doings? OK, so this one takes the cake and we’re featuring it in this week’s installment of Just-Fer-Phun-Phriday.  Google’s affable spam prevention rock star (@mattcutts) is cc’d on this blog post. screen capture link buying

I like that Rob thinks our site is well designed, warm fuzziness. I called the number provided for KASA Capital, and apparently Rob works in another office. The nice lady that answered declined comment for this blog post. I  explained to her that link buying is actually illegal (Google, not the law).  Creepy companies that buy links are not silly enough to give away information about their actual identity in the first approach, well, because of guys like me who might get a hair and publish them. Ooops. Grrrr.

Following this Robert Lobitz guy down the rat hole, we see that he has a very active guest blogging schedule. Hmmm. Wonder what sites he’s promoting and what the deals are that opened those guest blogging doors. We removed the couple of zimbio posts from the SERPs for this screen cap’. Party on w/ your link buying, Bob!

We’ll see you next week with some snippet of madness, fun, beauty, or whatever we feel like. It’s Friday after all.  Cheers!


  • Patrick Garmoe

    It’s interesting that in at least some of the posts you showed, the guest post included decent content. It’s surprising he even offers money if willing to actually produce content for the blogs.

    • Marty Weintraub

      @Patrick Garmoe: Yep, that’s a pretty crazy approach. He’s not a real person, we think. Try and find his LinkedIn profile.

  • double a

    Do you ever get the smell of crap out of your nose after having it shoved so far up matt cutt’s rear-end? I think your self-righteous tattling is worse than the poorly-targeted link buying tactics…

    • Marty Weintraub

      Ron, Thanks for the poetic comment. I think Matt would tell you somthing different about me. 🙂 Your angst is welcome here, as is your opinion. Thanks for keeping it R rated. Cheers!

  • Erik H

    Yeah, it’s spam… That said, it’s not that difficult to delete it and move on.

    He doesn’t send multiple E-Mails from what I’ve seen; I have 200+ domain names and have only ever received one mail from him.

    I received an E-Mail from him months ago that I just saw, and I responded to it.

    Why? Because as an internet marketer, I know that if someone posits even SOME effort to make their LinkAssistant auto-mailings sound humanistic (save for his cheesy “I’d like to start by…” line, they probably understand that you get nowhere in business by fucking people.

    He’s offering very fair deals; paying well above market value plus writing SEO’d content for your site. Those who don’t know jack about SEO get not only a very fair monetary offer, but an unattainable (without paying or putting 10 years into mastering SEO) SE benefit. Hell, I’ve got 11 years of SEO experience and it’s still an attractive offer to me, despite being able to easily do it myself, just because it’s one less thing I have to do…

    Free content is free content; free money is free money. The entrepreneurial mindset: financial gain and free content (improve something that makes you money); all improvement, no investment…. Hell, you don’t have to be an entrepreneur to see the value in that, just a brain.

    So, I’ll be taking him up on his offer, despite the vast inconvenience brought upon me by clicking his mail (fact: this comment took way more time than the deal with him).