It’s here, it’s here! #SMX East is finally here! You know what that means: Pilgrimages to the Big Apple, strolls through Central Park, and one of the coolest online marketing events this side of the Mississippi. Traditionally held in October, the East coast edition of Search Marketing Expo is usually the signal that rocket-launches New York City into autumn. This year with the conference calendared smack-dab in the middle of September, attendees are in for a sweet taste of late summer in the city that never sleeps.

From the aimClear team, Marty Weintraub, Manny Rivas, Merry Morud, and  Lauren Litwinka (me), are eastbound, energized and eager for the conference to kick off. Joined by Lisa Buyer, President and CEO of the Buyer Group, and Will Scott, Founder and President of Search Influence, we’re starting the week aimClear’s Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshop where we’ll rock marketers for a full day of soup to nuts training in all-things Facebook. Read on for the full scoop.

Get ready to span the gamut from down and dirty demographic targeting to guerilla befriending tactics, end-to-end Facebook ads, community management best practices, reputation monitoring and more. In short, attendees will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage Facebook’s massive online community to achieve KPIs.

Workshop Curriculum:

Demographic Research & Guerrilla Targeting Tactics
Marty will kick off the day with a deep look at Facebook’s Ad Tool to discover infinite persona segments for any and every marketing campaign. Attendees will learn how to develop a keener understanding of who they’re serving ads to, mindful to combinations of music preferences, favorite brands, political views, perversions, afflictions, professions, interests as well as other predictions and affinities. We’ll dish up bite-sized segments and social synonyms that open dozens of new doors for targeting. Get ready to vacate your comfort zone.

Establishing Facebook Marketing KPIs
Plain and simple: It’s impossible to achieve goals unless you set them. Marty will share his expertise on how to establish realistic Facebook KPIs (key performance indicators) that touch external channels such as PR, YouTube, Twitter, search engines, blogs, and more.

A Day in the Life of a Community Manager
This 6-part session will deliver invaluable insight and actionable takeaways for any community manager.

  • Lauren will kick off with content aggregation tools and tactics and a lesson in the importance of sharing third-party, non-competitive, complimentary content.
  • Marty and Lisa will deliver  some righteous holistic befriending tactics and convincing case studies.
  • Lisa will also run through a community manager’s typical work day, the PR side of Facebook pages, as well as branding with Facebook.
  • Lauren will finish things up with a tour through holistic cross-promotion (integrating Twitter with Facebook), and tips for managing social media crises.

Facebook’s EdgeRank & Organic Visibility
Will Scott will tackle the formerly (and still somewhat) black-box, red-headed stepchild known only as Facebook’s ranking algorithm, EdgeRank. He’s set to share useful tips and insight for how to leverage community engagement to effectively increase visibility in FB.

“Buying Friends” and Organic FB Analytics
Will’s also going to share intensely awesome tactics to target customers and identify authority users, cull deep competitive intelligence on truly engaged friends and use all the info to your benefit. Attendees will learn how to capitalize on this insight for organic friending and aggressive Facebook Ad targeting.

Reputation Monitoring in Facebook
Marty will return to the stage to deliver a crash course in the latest and greatest techniques and tools for keeping track of Facebook buzz, and keeping your reputation intact.

End-to-End Facebook Ads
Merry will blaze the all-things Facebook Ads trail, leading attendees through the process of creating ad accounts, brainstorming compelling ad creative and images, setting budgets, and of course, optimizing ads to help ensure prolonged success.

Site Clinics
Interspersed through the day we will host two 30-minute site clinics for attendees interested in putting their Facebook assets on the table. Community Management and Paid Ads are the options on the table -and we’re ready to dish up recommendations and lightning-round feedback for anyone brave enough to step up 🙂 .

And there you have it! Will we see your face in the crowd? Not unless you’ve got a ticket, we won’t! Don’t have a ticket? Fear not – there’s still time to register for aimClear’s Facebook Marketing Workshop.

Safe travels, y’all!