Hot off the press! aimClear is proud to announce this week’s release/introduction/liberation of Killer Facebook Ads (Wiley/Sybex 2011) at #SES San Francisco. This cutting-edge international marketing book is a practical, no-nonsense guide on how best to leverage all things Facebook, written by  aimClear CEO Marty Weintraub, online marketing beast.

Focused on sharing aimClear’s internationally known targeting mojo, killer creative and work flow hacks, early reviews are overwhelming positive.  There is a $25.00 Facebook Ads credit coupon in each book. Marty will be signing books at SES’s Meet the Authors Networking Lunch, 12PM – 1PM PT on Tuesday August 16th at Moscone Center.

The eager (naive?) willingness of Facebook users to share all kinds of information about themselves, their friends, family and sometimes their foes has made it an advertiser’s dream and a major platform/tactic for supporting any kind of branding, sales, public relations and/or marketing campaign.

Killer Facebook Ads includes dozens upon dozens of insider tips and tricks, practiced and perfected by some of the most creative online marketers in the world. If you are curious about Facebook advertising A, all the way to Z, then this book is for you! Covering everything from fundamental techniques to super advanced tactics, Killer Facebook Ads does not skip a beat. Don’t believe us?

Take a glance at the chapter lineup…

  • Marketing and the Facebook Revolution
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • The Facebook Ad Creation UI
  • Facebook Ads Production Workflow
  • Guerilla User Targeting Checklist
  • Mastering Compound Targeting
  • Creating Killer Facebook Ads
  • Deploying Your Facebook Ads Campaign
  • Field Guide to Optimization and Reporting

And the appendices of course…

  • Facebook Ads Preflight Pocket Checklist
  • The Great Big Search and Social Media Marketing Twitter Follow List
  • Facebook Targeting Segments

Inexperienced and experienced Facebook users alike will find all kinds of beneficial information, all of which will transform your thinking around how Facebook can be used as a marketing tactic.

Plug into Facebook’s raw targeting power, ability to serve massive quantities of impressions, surgically sweet micro-demographic tactics, and sheer insight into users’ personas is nothing short of revolutionary and can be powerfully seductive. Learn best practices to leverage the vast impression, various usages seemingly simple UI. Who wouldn’t want to give it a go? Discover why marketers test Facebook Ads, but only the very best succeed to any sustainable extent. Gain insight as to why it’s essential to come at things as a marketer first, not just as a channel slinger.

Killer Facebook Ads teaches definitive targeting theory, well past the obvious. Understand pioneering Facebook Ads targeting that reaches way past the literal, and deep into users’ personas including deep personal predilections, proclivities and even…perversions. Sure, we can probably brand and sell hockey sticks to 17-year-old boys who are interested in “Playing varsity hockey” but we can also take things further. Are you good enough to market Jaguars to users who love Rolex watches, and sugary cereal coupons to pot smokers? Get past the literal and into sideways, and then aggressively target deeply personal attributes that define the users’ core makeup. Ask yourself, how deep are you willing to go?

What’s important to marketers is that we seize the opportunity and learn to market in contextual space. Facebook is of the same magnitude and, to be frank, much more important than just Facebook. As an industry we’re preparing for what’s next, mastering targeting theory that will last forever. Facebook and whatever channels bubble to the surface next will most likely bring fully functional contextual targeting to fruition to take its rightful place next to search. Facebook’s reach and targeting muscle represents the uncontested gold standard for new-world contextual targeting.

One thing’s for sure. Getting good at Facebook Ads now prepares you for what’s next. In the future there will be new platforms, Facebook and/or others, that mash-up search, social graph, and physical location to offer extreme benefits to users who will migrate towards those benefits, to or away from Facebook. As that happens, futuristic ad platforms will be built, affording advertisers more insight than ever to identify and target market segments. But for now, we have Facebook in its entire social-graph splendor.

At the end of the day Facebook Ads is a killer channel tactic, with a serious and rightful place in many a project’s marketing mix. Obviously, as humankind has more fully migrated from individual and group social behaviors to online social media platforms, vibrant and vital contextually targeted paid platforms like Facebook Ads will emerge, much to marketers’ delight. However, there’s no reason whatsoever to wait, the future is here.

So…do I have your attention?!?! If you want to learn more then check out Marty’s presentation on Killer Facebook Targeting Tactics at #SES SFO on Wednesday, August 17 at 9:30 AM where he will share a handful of proven techniques that are featured in this book.

  • Statdash

    You had me at $25 worth of Facebook Ad coupons! I like how you suggest for the user to stop thinking strictly in a practical/linear sense by adapting more of an all encompassing view on who might be interested in what products. Good luck with your presentation tomorrow!

  • Renee

    Always looking to learn more on this topic, excited to read this!