Earlier today, we published the second half of 44 Must-See Internet Marketing Conference Speakers— a two-part blog post that paid tribute to industry luminaries who color the conference landscape pretty with smarts, sass, and everything in between. We believe search marketers are among the most beautiful people in the world, and that mini-series was one way to give back to those who give it their all. We also believe that there’s two sides to the conference-speaker-coin, and not everything can be all sunshine and pussy cats…

Fueled by what may have been but a playful suggestion from our friend @ToddMintz, @aimClear typed a tweet, lit a match and ignited a lightning-speed cyber-chat that moved so fast it was hardto keep up. Frankly, I’m surprised didn’t take down the server. Or become a trending topic. But… what was the topic?

What you, yes you, positively hate in conference speakers.

Mumbling, plugging, dishing out old news like it’s hot sh*t– the responses spanned the spectrum. The convo swayed back to admirable speaker qualities, then back to pet peeves– each response more colorful than the last. We wanted to capture the moment and share it here.

So… without further adieu, the unanticipated alien-third-arm of this Internet Marketing Conference Speaker series, 483 Things The World Loves & Hates About Internet Marketing Conference Speakers. (Well, it seemed like 483. Okay, shameless clickbait…)

The totally impromptu thirty-seven minute thread garnered more than five dozen responses. It spawned this blog post. It even made us some new friends. Best. Lunch break. Ever.


All this talk of speaking has us excited for our Q1 conference calendar. First stop is SMX West….will we see you there?

  • Justin Hornung

    Whoa MAMA, am I bummed I missed out on this. Just a further illustration of the lightning-in-a-bottle facet of the Twitter jewel, which is one of the many reasons I love it so.

    Here’s the part where I pretend I’m not just comet-tailing and add my two cents anyway. Shhh, don’t tell anyone – maybe they won’t notice. 😉

    I hate when a speaker is unfamiliar with the equipment, technology, or material he/she is presenting or demonstrating. Even worse is when it’s painfully obvious the speaker didn’t write their own presentation, and only skimmed it before going up on stage. If your presentation is a waste of my time, I’m going to assume your product and/or brand is a waste of my money(and that of my peers and clients).

    I love spontaneity. I know preparation was mentioned several times above, and that it’s alluded to in my own above paragraph. I’ll agree, prep is golden, and that most speakers should develop and memorize a script so that they’re READY for their closeup, Mr. DeMille.


    There are those precious few who, when they wing it, freaking SOAR. Those are the ones who make you sit up and take heed, who light fires in your mind that burn away the boundaries of your ideas. They’re the earth-shakers, magnetic and majestic titans all, and they’re the reason I attend these things in the first place.

  • Lauren Litwinka

    @Justin – Notice? Notice what? Your rad, thoughtful comment? Why yes, that I noticed! Unsurprisingly, I agree with your HATE and LOVE points. Nothing worse than a rigid, clumsy presenter – nothing better than someone so confident (be it natural, or the result of long preparation), their enthusiasm becomes contagious. The latter, as you have expressed so eloquently, is well worth the price of admission. Cheers!

  • Arsen Rabinovich

    I love it when speakers (Marty) scream out “LAUGH!!!!”