Twitter Session Coverage Updates Test for 2009-08-11



  • HI @HallieJanssen nice to see you here #
  • RT @motokohunt: RT @billhunt: Brian Feathersonhaugh Search is the holy grail to marketers & will fundamentally change how biz market pro … #
  • Right now as a marketer, your job is to think of EVERY possible way anyone can search for you. #
  • Carla Borsoi, VP, Research & Analytics, #SES There's a lot of things on radar for the future of search. Focus on semantic & variants #
  • #SES On the Search & the Future Track Search: Where to Next? The first question to the panel is "What is on your search radar?" #
  • #SES in the "Future of Search Session,," Anne Kennedy is setting the table. The room is packed standing room only. #
  • @toddmintz sitting with the awesome @AnneKennedy at #SES, watching the keynote, MattM and other amazing folks. in reply to toddmintz #
  • RT @mediafortemktg: Stoked to be live blogging for @aimclear at sessj, our fearless leader provided blog coverage already for the nearl … #
  • Great people tweeting this #SES keynote, I'm going to just listen :) #
  • Increased #PPC Bid Transparency with Google’s Bid Simulator #
  • Great Linkbait RT @bhartzer: 10 Ways That Your GPS Can Save Your Life | GPS blog #
  • From our own @mannyrivas : Tracking Results: YouTube Analytics Fundamentals #
  • Off to breakfast at the Hilton, with aimClear Blogging crew. #
  • Public Relations Pros Must Know Social Media,
  • @graywolf Been up since 4:40. I look forward to crossing paths today. in reply to graywolf #
  • SES San Jose: Search at the Speed of Light #
  • Lee Odden on Social, SEO, Evolution & Training #
  • Learn SEO for Adobe PDF Docs, Search Engine Journal #
  • Many, Many Google Users Get "We’re Sorry" Page, Search Engine Roundtable #
  • Um Yup RT @AirDisa: RT @alleyinsider: Tribune Execs Want $70 Million Bonus For Bankrupting The Company by @nichcarlson #
  • I get so emotional about these types of things: SES San Jose: Search at the Speed of Light #
  • Who's at the Marriott SJ???? :) #
  • RT: @jenajean Simple Rules For Social Networking via @clickz #
  • Better late than never :) Does Google Know What Websites You Own? #
  • Excellent post from @jasonfalls Public Relations Pros Must Be Social Media Ready #
  • How to Turn Off Personalized Search in Google Chrome, Michael Gray #
  • SEOs, what's your favorite method and tools to audit a site's inbound link graph and scour it for links from bad neighborhoods? #
  • An Elephant Leaves the Room at Yahoo, New York Times #
  • Is this the beginning of the revolution? plans pay-per-article system, The Guardian #
  • From @ MonaElesseily -Paid Search5 Tips For Getting Good Paid Search Clients #
  • Delta Airlines flight SUCKED, 90 degrees, cabin, ground air broke, NOT 1 WORD from newbie attendant reading from card or pilot, bad service. #
  • @streko Yeah, I can see where all those affiliate SEOs on one plane could get on your nerves pal. in reply to streko #
  • @colleendeborah Thanks Colleen! Hopefully we'll be able to connect sometime this year. in reply to colleendeborah #
  • Now waiting in Orange County Airport, for flight to SJ, really looking forward to beer and bed. #
  • RT @ljd: @aimclear and in addition to that Delta has jacked the prices to DLH from Boston. Really sucks. #
  • RT @leeodden: RT @mattcutts Here's some more info about Google's Caffeine update: #
  • @streko Are you heading here to SES dude? in reply to streko #
  • Delta Airlines flight sucks, 90 degree cabin, ground air broken, NOT ONE WORD from newbie attendant reading from card, pilot, bad service. #
  • At DLH airport, the way to San Jose today. Love love LOVE #SES SJ :) #

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