Take time to research the overwhelmingly huge list of SEO tools out there, and you’ll quickly see there are hundreds (if not thousands), all sorting the very same data. Some cost arms, legs and sometimes skin off the back, but many are appendage-friendly (free).

This SES Chicago session, succinctly titled “SEO Tools,” was moderated by Sage Lewis, Search Engine Watch Expert & President of SageRock.com

The distinguished panel included Bruce Clay, President of…well, Bruce Clay, Inc., David Naylor, SEO of Bronco, Bob Briski, Software Marketing Consultant at Raybeam and Horst Joepen, CEO of Searchmetrics

From introductions to Q & A, both panel and moderator offered terrific food for thought on available tools and spoke of where future tools are headed. Each panelist recommended some great tool-options such as Keyword Density, SEO Tool Set and techniques to mash up Google Analytics, Yahoo! Pipes & Yahoo! Site Explorer to build extensive reports.

The session didn’t end without personalized and blended search popping its head in for a visit. Panelists uniformly expressed the need for adaptation as blended & personalized search require new ways of using the data generated.

Some tools like SEO Tool Set drill deep down into data, returning demographic, trending and category information. One feature that really stood out is the tool’s ability to support proxy servers. This gives you the ability to, for example, look at what search results on Google would be in Germany and seen from Puerto Rico for any given search query. This is a huge stepping block towards reaching new demands of blended search.

Horst Joepen gave a useful checklist to apply when searching for the “right” SEO tool. When on the hunt he suggests vetting the tool’s ability to tell you what is wrong on your site from a search engine’s perspective, page rank, backlinks, keyword rankings & keyword ranking. Horst spoke of the need for integration in future tools, in order to simplify the optimization process and allow for budgeted time to be reallocated to creative aspects of SEO.

No matter if you’re working in-house or at an agency, SEO tools are a necessity to the job. Because there are countless SEO tools and pairings of these tools, it’s up to you to actively search out what not only works for you, but what gives you the best results while saving valuable time. Remember, the best tool in the world only gives you data. The tough part is making sense of it all. As Bruce Clay said, “There’s a big difference between data and wisdom.”

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