Don’t get me wrong. I love SMX, cut my teeth on SES, and I think now Pubcon is cool like S.E.X. I admit, this is my first, having come up the ranks though the 90’s and 2000’s in-house, prior to starting our agency. I must say that this is one serious crowd, committed to the art and science of search, affiliate/merchant relationships, social and PPC.

I was busy blogging for SEORoundTable (the best way to take notes ever) and look forward to speaking on Wednesday. Here’s my SEORT work for today:
Landing Page Optimization, Back Button Buzz Kill, & Multivariate Testing
Affiliate Based PPC Issues and Options
Effective Affiliate Strategies

It was a splendid day! Lee Odden even made fun of me on Twitter 🙂 .

It was great to connect with good friends like Todd Mintz and Michael Dorausch. It was a pleasure to finally chat with Seattle mainstay, John Andrews as I’ve always enjoyed his friendly antics.

When participating in search marketing conferences, there is always the possibility of face-meeting StumbleUpon, Sphinn Facebook and other social media friends, never met before. I gave up my up my seat to a young lady during a session, because one of us had to sit on the floor. She had a skirt on so I offered. I was floored to find that it was my Facebook friend Reem Abeidoh, whom I’ve never met in person. 🙂

A common theme running through the sessions I attended today is respect for the user. What questions are they’re asking and how well do we, as marketers respond to their inquiries. It was a highlight to hear Brad Geddes speak about landing pages and (on the affiliate track) catch a dose of affiliate industry intensity, from the perspective of merchants and affiliates alike.

Stay tuned to SEO RoundTable for comprehensive coverage this week.