Much has been written about the inevitable evolution of Search Engine Strategies which, though destined to occur eventually, happened cold turkey this week with the overlapping of PubCon. We’ll I’m here in Chicago and I’ve got feedback for you straight from the source.

The sessions we’ve been covering here at SES are beneficial to the attendee audience and are resulting in coverage which is different from our normal posts. Because aimClearBlog’s regular readers are so important to me, I want to share a few reflections I think you’ll find interesting. I will say that SES Chicago 2007 is already a success and is certainly going to live on.

Evidence that Search Is the Hottest Field on Earth
This conference presents indisputable evidence that tons of highly competent professionals, of traditional marketing ilk, are FLOCKING to search in droves. Aside from (internationally acclaimed) presenters, exhibitionists, salespeople, and journalists, most of the Sphinn, Digg, StumbleUpon, crowds (hard core SEMs) are in Vegas this week.

However SES Chicago is packed with tremendously cool attendees most of us have never met, many of whom require background information and theory about search. They are getting their needs met and then some. They’ll be our competition soon enough.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of technical information being disseminated here. However, though there are some tasty offerings for SEM firms (a number of which are in attendance), the conference is geared more towards advertisers than search marketing agency types, who would consider quite a bit of the information “the basics.” This place is packed with amazing and experienced professionals who represent the next generation of search marketing evangelists. SES is doing important work.

Most of our typical readers and feed subscribers are intensely dedicated SEM professionals and seriously advanced social media evangelists. We appreciate that you regularly visit aimClear blog for technical articles about paid search, organic concepts, and social media. Many of you are friends and associates from around the world so I wanted you to know what we’re thinking.

You guys, we’re in the minority. While hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent on the evolution of search, TRILLIONS have been spent over time on CPG (consumer packaged goods) and brand development. That world is slow in warming up to search because we’ve turned things upside down. SES is helping us with the job of converting the money folks to the truth about the new world.

We turn the pages of aimClearBlog over to this fledgling audience for this week and soon we’ll be back to our normal fare. Thanks for tracking our posts and I hope you have a hell of a time in Vegas!

  • Jon Henshaw

    Thanks for the update. That’s kind of what I thought the difference was. SES seems like it’s geared more towards advertisers and PPC, while here in Vegas – for PubCon – it’s a little more SEO oriented. Not only that, it’s also a little more DEF CON like, in that many of the sessions talk about things that are hardly white hat methods. That is, unless Matt Cutts is in the room.

  • Marty Weintraub

    There are plenty of hard core SEO sharks here 🙂 and most of them work for SES or are speakers. There are also some intense SEOs SEMs here who are not in the Sphinn crowd. I made some new friends.