sphinnIt’s been a remarkable year in the search marketing community, none the least of which has been the amazing organic aggregation of SEM types into the Sphinn community. Sphinn’s focused blend of essential search news, commentary, editorial prowess, humor, style, ranting, and skillful moderation provides perspective and camaraderie that transcends “job” and “career.”

Like many, I breathe Sphinn to the point of near distraction. Quite frankly, I love the people.  They range from my personal heroes to hotshot rising stars.

SEM Social Media Is Passionate

Sphinn’s such a personal thing for me.  It’s a forum to learn, succeed, connect, open up to other views, and screw up. Yes, it’s nearly impossible to dive head strong into social media and NOT screw up. I’m grateful for the privileges of membership, proud of the issues we’ve raised, and appreciative for the support of many. Networking in Sphinn has meant everything to our business, aimClearBlog, and our process of gathering in, evaluating, and assimilating each day’s news.

It’s also been a humbling year of growth for aimClear, replete with amazing clients, new friends, and challenges as search becomes more specialized. Sphinn and the folks all over the world we’ve gotten to know from the SEM community will be my best memories of 2007 because, like the Internet, all other facets (conferences, blogs, news, tech, etc…) are all rolled up into this one awesome gathering place.

To the friends we’ve made on Sphinn, THANK YOU for the honor. To anyone we’ve pissed off, I apologize. To Danny, Michelle, Rob, and the crew, thanks so much for the integrity and balance- I hope you harvest so much loot that you never worry about money.

  • Marc

    Wow, that takes talent to add 32 relevant linked words in 5 paragraphs… just for the sake of it, I am now going to click on all of them!

  • Marty Weintraub


  • Sam Freedoms Internet Marketing Controversy Blog

    hahah… good one, Marty!

    I’m particularly impressed that you not only somehow managed to include the phrase, “dive head strong” but that you thought to link it to me. The whole post is smart, clever, intelligent and kind.

    Thank you and for your many valuable contributions to the growing Sphinn community in which I’ve only just begun.


  • Derek

    Thanks Marty! It has definitely been an exciting and remarkable 2007. Hoping the next year is even better!

  • Steaprok

    Your Love of Sphinn shows, as well as your passion for the industry. Thanks for all your hard work , I always appreciate your submits! Even Landing Page Webinars… =)

    Although I also feel very fond of Sphinn, I notice that things are getting way to heavy there. When people begin taking things sooooooooooo seriously one needs to ask themselves is it worth it. Honestly, I’m addicted!

    Either way, thanks again for all your hard work and see ya around….

  • Marty Weintraub

    @ Mark: It was not just for the sake of it. The links were to offer grateful link love to friends from Sphinn and Search Engine Land. The anchor text had meaning for each of them.

    @ Sam: Thank you.

    @ Derek: ditto

  • Manish Pandey

    Indeed Marty! 🙂

  • Marty Weintraub

    @ Steaprok: It’s good to see you in these threads.

  • Glen Allsopp

    Nice post marty, happens to be on the sphinn homepage as well. I wish i had more time to interact in the site like i used too 🙁

  • Pat

    Nicely said, and I appreciated the comment on “poetry is to loud for me to sleep”


  • theGypsy

    ha ha haha… Marty, Babe… now that’s a link love-in if I ever saw one… and I just love links :0)

    I just hope to see more ‘Social’ and less ‘Marketing’ in the days/weeks/years ahead. That would be nice… I must admit, I have been absent lately… but it’s Xmas time and I have little ones… business is busy..yada yada….

    Sphinn has been a blast fer me as ya know… looking forward to more!


  • Derek

    Sphinn has been a great learning tool for me as I can count on so many outstanding articles to be found in one location. But like you said, I have to be careful before I find myself spending too much time there and not working on any of my actual jobs.

    Nice post Marty!

  • Fred @ Newest on the Net

    Sphinn is a great community. I learn so much from the articles that I read there.

  • Kalena

    Marty, this sounds scarily like a farewell message. I sincerely hope not! I really enjoy seeing your friendly face amongst the Sphinnsters.

  • TimDineen

    Hi Marty,

    Thanks for including me here. I think I got the best link of all: “friends” !!

    Well, I’ll just simply say that as much as you love Sphinn, I’m sure the feeling is mutual from everyone that participates there. You’ve made and impact in your postings, your finds and your commentary.

    I look forward to that continuing and toward friendships growing from the community that so many great people like yourself are helping to build.

    Tim Dineen

  • Wiep

    Great post Marty, you Sphinnbaiter 😉

  • David Saunders

    I found Aim Clear through Sphinn…

    Sphinn is my first stop daily and then SEO Moz


  • Marty Weintraub

    @David: Cool! That, of course, is the true value of Sphinn-making friends of like mind. Greetings from Chicago…