PowerShe sleeps little and obsesses at 4:45AM over analytic-flavored black coffee. So much traffic from StumbleUpon again? He wakes every morning, checks bid management software to see Google API charges month_to_date, and shoots off a quick support inquiry (Support Ticket #25486705-4456-432) to Australia. There’s time for her to read 3 Search Engine Land articles in on her iPhone while going to the bathroom. She emails herself post title ideas.

It’s 5:10AM CDST and he blogs for 43 minutes before breakfast. Blogging means Digg, and Reddit, and Netscape. Wikipedia bugs him. She settles comfortably into her Vaio shortly before 5:13AM. These serious writers, Mr. and Mrs. Good Morning America, feel ebb and flow in colorful word-play ideas, creativity, tech-think research prowess, and wit. Even the driest topic has at least one amazingly poetic core value. Any subject can be link-baited.

Make Every Word Pay.
The Fanatical Business Blogger’s ZEN is spending as little time as possible writing while maximizing the possibility of inciting a viral response. Stream-of-consciousness external linking and bread crumbing tactics exploit inherent human tendencies to congregate in human buzz pockets, be voyeurs and remain anonymous. Social media mirrors physical life. Committed to blogging means to TOTALLY do it, No Matter What. Average content doesn’t count. If you’re a new business-blogger and you’re considering (or committed to) aggressive business blogging to gain respect as an author, then be prepared to really work hard.

The Internet has become the millennial printing press, color TV, VCR, pathway to love, and master database application. Technology has leveled the playing field. CONTENT is once again art, poetry, and music. Only now it’s possible to research authority-niche online publications and link bait them with engaging content. [It’s easier to linkbait if you’re a little twisted.] The movers and shakers will visit soon and listen to your songs. You’ll see their myBlogLog badge on your sidebar.

He wakes up, holds his wife, and gets the laptop. Plenty of time before dawn to get a leg up on this morning’s post. She posts the synopsis of the conference speaker’s talk before the Q&A is over…missed coffee service again. Major bloggers link to the coverage immediately. 13 serious links today…5 from blogs with fledging page rank and Technorati authority. She cuts conversations with her mother short to study analytics. He wishes he saw his 13 year old daughter more. People all over the world respect them as authors and spokespeople for their crafts.

Such is the Zen of the Fanatical Business Blogger.

  • Avinash Kaushik


    A very well written post, great friday reading!

    PS: For some reason to me it played like the Guy Noir segment from the Prairie Home Companion! 🙂

  • Marty Weintraub

    Thanks Avinash. That makes my day.

  • Matt Keegan

    Marty has a poetic and philosophical side to him! I appreciate the link, but more importantly I like the drama that underscores the lives of those who passionately blog — we simply can’t imagine ourselves doing otherwise! Okay, I do drink my coffee and eat before blogging, but my daily work does come in second.