youtubeThe panelists in the SES Video Optimization seminar, Eric Papczun, Sherwood Stranieri,  Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative stressed the growing strength of properly tagged video content on the regular search engines.

To drive this home they shared some brand-related keywords turning up in “normal” Google SERPs within view of consumers. Given the investment most large companies make in branding, it’s a no longer optional  as the whether a company monitors and defends the SERPs video results. I have some large clients who would would fall over dead to discover such an uncontrollable subversion of the brand.

Below I show the keyword, search frequency annually (Trellian Global Database), how many documents were returned, and how many documents contained all of the keywords in their title tag.  Take a careful look. Some of the keyword spaces are relativly uncontested (with  different scales of search volume). Other keyword spaces could be a more serious undertaking to increase your rank for.

I would like to note that in nearly every search I undertook in orginizing this post, I found results ranking higher than video. If any of you bloggers would be interested in sharing faciniating links, feel free to comment with SERPs for video in normal search engines. youTube is not the only game in town so it would be fun to hear about long tail results from smaller video sites.

Annual searches: 1,168,180 (Trellian Global DB annual searches)
23,800,000 documents for beyonce
636,000 for allintitle
Google page 2

CSI Miami
Annual searches: searches 79,787
1,870,000 dcuments for csi miami.
allintitle:”csi miami”
Google page 1Mentos
Annual searches: 8,338
5,830,000 documents for mentos
77,700 for allintitle:mentos
Google page 1

Annual searches: 14,022
1,030,000 documents for altoids
20,600 for allintitle:altoids
Google page 2

Annual searches: 69,751
3,430,000 for gatorade
132 for allintitle:gaterade
Google page 2

Michael Richards
Annual searches: 4,926
27,000 documents for allintitle:michael Richards
8,030,000 for michael richards
Google page 1

Annual searches: 21,633 (these were some smart viral thinkers)
29,600,000 documents for kramer
639,000 for allintitle:kramer
Google page 2