Video Production

Aimclear recognized early that video is a vital digital marketing medium, so we dove in with passion and pure intent. We created a journalism-driven production and social reporting team to capture Aimclear’s company-wide soup-to-nuts creative spirit and tell brands’ significant stories.

Regarded as one of Northern Minnesota’s coolest multimedia journalism studios, the space is plush with vintage East European beatboxes, major LED studio lighting, boom, props, green screen mania and room for a studio audience of 50.

Our videographers, writers, reporters, storytellers and online presenters create authentic media that powerfully portrays a brand’s strengths. We think of video concepts from beginning to end — from conception to psychographic matching.

mixer-4We create with syndicated video life cycle mentality. We capture flash mobs, interviews, coverage, archival for training, live webinars and live syndicated news shows. We cover trade shows, teach you to cover trade shows, and provide high level of service completely tailored to clients’ need to develop content to market their brand/product/services.
We incorporate music to enhance messaging. We’re DJs, musicians, rappers, heavy metal loopers, human beat boxers and regular groovers. The studio galvanizes Aimclear’s collective creative spirit and packages it into content that drives brand value.