Social Media Community Management

Today’s community managers use social media platforms and act as brand evangelists and community advocates. From creating viral content to leveraging community content, social managers manage online social communities and deal with what comes including issues and crisis management scenarios. Aimclear literally wrote the book for how to do this increasingly high profile and crucial job. We train community managers all over the world. We provide turnkey services for a select group of B2C and B2B

Being a community manager (CM) these days is a fascinating fusion of various roles, previously assigned to multiple areas of most marketing agencies and in-house departments. In order to be effective, CMs must possess a solid understanding and practical fluency in public relations (PR), search engine optimization (SEO), social PPC content amplification, analytics, and content marketing. Aimclear is extremely experienced in all of these classic roles.

Many community managers, as they manage profiles, are content to sit on the brand’s profiles, greet social users who stop by and “Mind the store.” That’s only part of the picture.

The modern community manager also is charged with identifying related communities, where users may have an affinity for the brand’s offerings. The art of ascertaining which communities may hold interested users can facilitate healthily assertive acts of engagement and friendship as CMs leave the comfortable environs of their own wall and head out to meet people and engage them on behalf of the mother brand.

Aimclear is the company you want representing your brand in social.