Landing Pages

Whereas many of our clients come to use with mature landing page systems, others need support. We handle any phase of landing page development including custom design and development. We’re also fluent in most major landing pages marketing automation systems, ready and able to design and/or implement within those systemsspringHealthLP

Business Automation & Technical Marketing

Need to wire in 17 regional call centers for lead and second tier conversation tracking? Maybe your needs are more fundamental, like responding to users presenting a certain behavioral action with an email. These days marketing automation offers marketers astonishing possibilities and presents some technical challenges. As marketing becomes fully data driven, we understand the intersection of machines and human marketers’ intuition and stand ready to partner with your team.

Social Profile Design

Customers won’t take your business seriously if your Facebook wall design looks like it was cooked up in a high school student’s garage. #SRSLY!. The same holds true for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels. Our team of artists is extremely experienced in the design of winning social profiles.

Display Ads Banner Design

relfadIn our world of Omnichannel design, no individual component exists in a vacuum. Banner ads need to be creative, offer customers the “next” message in-sequence and integrate with landing page and brand identity. Aimclear has years of experience tendering winning banner designs. We’ve built them for companies, from Intel to Firestone, Martha Stewart to 3M.

Website Support

Our marketing-centric development team has nearly 50 years of aggregate experience, supporting WordPress, Drupal, Magento and other content management systems. We’re also adept at custom development. From one-off projects to ongoing maintenance, our development team is all about marketers. Give us the ball. We want to manage your funnel, feeds, mechanisms and web apps.

Website Design & Development

“Content,” “Social,” “E-Commerce,” “Mobile” and “Responsive” are the watchwords of the day online. While many clients come to us with their sites buttoned down, others have needs from the basics to fine points. Our site design and development team has only one purpose; to facilitate marketers and remove barriers to timely success. We understand how websites are actually used for marketing and how not to overinvest.

Product Feed Management

Aimclear regularly handles development and management of product feeds. We’re seriously fluent in handling Sears, Google, Amazon, Yahoo and other third-Party e-commerce services. In a world where many organic-looking marketing feeds are actually paid (Like Google PLAs), our deep experience managing feeds are of great benefit. Aimclear can help with troubleshooting or turnkey development and implementing product feeds.

Apps Consulting, Development & Marketing (Mobile & Web)

Our content team takes great pride in the web and mobile apps we build. Starting with creative, we move our clients through development, information design, design, coding, testing and maintenance.

When it comes to mobile apps, we run content marketing campaigns through the mobile UI. This can include content within the mobile app as well as URL pointers to content hosted both within apps and on our clients’ websites.

By using a mobile app as the “hosted” content portal marketers gain extremely valuable data via IOS and Android permissions. Also, as we drive traffic to our mobile apps into mobile websites, we then cookie and retarget users into social/exchanges. Mobile apps are clearly the content portals of the future, at least until the government takes such (forced) permission based app lead gen tools away for privacy concerns.

Email Campaign Management

List Management | Design | Tracking | Reporting

Email is still awesome, when wielded properly. One of the original online lists, permission based email marketing remains a gold standard of fundamental marketing. Email marketing is about list building and validated email address acquisition, messaging, creative, design, tracking and reporting. Our team has been successfully marketing by email since 1995.