Social Psychographic

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube each offer incredible targeting options. We’ve been using these social psychographic display channels to sell and introduce users mid-funnel. As a thought leader in retargeting/remarketing, filtered by social psychographics, we target based on affinities, proclivities, quirks, biases, politics, sexuality, occupations, place of employment, brand preferences, and thousands of other behavioral attributes.

Keyword Research

Keyword research represents the genesis of Aimclear. Our company’s origin is deeply rooted search marketing values and practices. We understand the subtleties of keyword permutations, research methods and the twisted Tao of Google’s evolving match type limitations. We separate true shopping queries from those that may not yield fruit. Aimclear is known for its thought leadership surrounding keyword research as pertains to mapping search to social conversations.

Internet-Wide Psychographic Display Targeting

While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube get most of the mainstream attention for radical whole-user (psychographic) targeting, such targeting is available from more than 30 data services. The data can be used to target (and follow) users Internet-wide, including social media. Qualify users financially with services like TrueSignal and Experian. Layer occupational insight via Dun and Bradstreet and Bizographics. We’re incredibly well versed in nearly every targeting option available and use big data to target and follow customers wherever they roam on the Internet.