Duluth Hotel, Hotels, Lake Tahoe hotel, Grand Canyon Hotel & BWCA Compared, International: Chart 8 & 9

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Chart updated 10/18/11: Lake Tahoe and Grand Canyon search terms are changed to phrase match.

Chart 8 denotes interest for “Duluth Hotel,” “Duluth Hotels,”  “Lake Tahoe hotel,” “Grand Canyon hotel,” and “BWCA” since 2004. “BWCA,” without the world “hotel,” is an interesting comparative marker. Keywords comprising the BWCA search universe (Chart 10) driving graph results are largely about permits, maps, outfitters and such, i.e. potential visitors, just like the word “hotel” along with a city’s name.

There is and has always been less interest in Duluth hotels across all categories than BWCA searches. At times, BWCA interest has overtaken even the Grand Canyon. This would indicate that Duluth should consider marketing itself as a gateway to one of the greatest wilderness areas the world. Duluth hotel interest has almost caught up to Lake Tahoe, which comes more as a result of Tahoe’s epic decline as opposed to interest in Duluth.

Chart 9 shows keywords that comprise the search interest semantic cluster generated by Google Insights for “BWCA.” Terms like “bwca permits” and “bwca maps” portend travel intent, much the way  “hotels” related keywords do when concatenated to a city’s name infer travel.

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