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Wikipedia @ SMX: Don’t be a Dick Or It’s Shoot On Site.

The web is becoming increasingly more dependent on community-contributed and moderated sites like Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers. The audiences are engaged and the traffic valuable. It’s possible for OTHERS to accomplish fantastic things for your brand (if you’re truly “notable”) and it is possible to safeguard the entry from information “vandalism”. However if you screw […]

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Wikipedia Administrator: SMX V-Interview

Wikipedia is on everyone’s mind because of it’s massive presence in the Google SERPs. Common questions from our clients include “How do we get a Wikipedia listing;” “How do we handle factual errors in Wiki listings,” and “What’s the appropriate method to interact with the Wiki community. Earlier today I had the opportunity to interview […]


Wikipedia, SEO Monster for Brand Managers

Search Engine Land Executive Editor Chris Sherman is fond of pointing out that [Social Media means] “Internet way-finding tools informed by human judgment.’ Informed’ can mean many things including egregiously uninformed.” From manufacturing to intellectual property, industry brand stewards have been forced to accept the reality of Collaborative directories like Prefound, Zimbio, and Wikipedia. There […]