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How To Make 45K a Day Scamming Facebook Ads

But before you scroll down to find out how, I want to tell you that you can fly Southwest for FREE.  Yes—Southwest is giving away free tickets in a promo that expires tonight! Or so the ad on the right would seem.  It’s got the Southwest Airlines logo and is worded such that you’d think […]

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The Future of Search: Are You Ready For Change?

Welcome to those tuning in for  our SearchEngineStragtegies Chicago 2009 conference coverage. After a night of tossing and turning in a cold sweat, replaying the brutal defeat of my beloved Vikings :(, I’ve pulled myself together. Hey, at least SES Chi-town 2009 won’t let me down. My session today (first session of the day titled […]


How to Use Facebook Ads Reporting Without Going Insane

We’ve been deploying Facebook Paid Advertising since its inception and evangelized its power for targeting specific demographics. However once ads are safely tucked in place, a PPC Manager must grapple with that perpetually-still-making-improvements Ad Manager thingy. Understanding some corners of Facebook’s quirky paid platform reporting module is essential to optimizing campaigns to keep analytics-focused clients […]


Dear Facebook Ads, Customer Support Sucks

Dear Facebook Ads, Thank you for the amazing new Ad Platform. It’s groundbreaking,  heart-pounding, a lot like Google’s Content Network and with even more intriguing targeting options on the grid.  It’s been a love affair for aimClear, starting in the academic lead generation sector years ago when ‘Ads first launched. I’m sorry to say that […]

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Is Your PPC Expert Asleep at the Switch? 6 Minute Self-Audit

photo credit: B Rosen We’ve reviewed plenty of paid search accounts, where the supposed PPC expert literally destroyed a business. We know it’s difficult for non PPC professionals to vet vendors, giving the ever shifting best-practices landscape.  It’s no wonder there’s an icky underbelly to the PPC vendor scene.  Things change very quickly so it’s […]

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Full Heat Press! PPC Best Practices in 4 Weeks

By design, in-house and advertising agency clients can successfully take over day to day account basics after working with us to pilot, heal or massively improve missing, average or terribly broken PPC. Agencies & businesses just need reliable support (and intensive training) to fix existing accounts themselves. We’ve witnessed success in as little as 4 […]


Make Every Click Count! Advanced PPC Tactics

The Advanced Paid Search Techniques session on Day 3 of SES San Jose brought together a fantastic group of marketers offering advice and guidance for getting the most out of paid search campaigns. Moderator Chris Boggs, Director of SEO at Rosetta kicked off the session.

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7 Deadly Sins of Landing Page Optimization (& Other Profitable Considerations)

Getting someone to click a search ad is one thing; getting them to convert into a sale or lead is another. The second session I attended on Day Two of Search Engine Strategies San Jose was “Landing Page Testing and Tuning“. Featuring a solo presentation by Tim Ash, President of SiteTuners. Sage Lewis, President of […]

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Dear Sales Prospect, I Facebooked your Mom!

Today on the Social Media Track at Search Engine Strategies San Jose, I attended “Facebook Ads: Reaching Prospects Earlier In The Decision Cycle” with Sarah Smith (Manager of Online Sales Operations for Facebook). She helped guide advertisers through successful implementation of their ad model. 

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