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Look Beyond the SERP! Social & Display PPC Deep-Dive @ #SESCHI

The final day of #SESCHI brought with it a progressive session on paid search, PPC Beyond Search: New Ad Formats, Display and Social. In an industry near-typified by constant evolution, it’s essential to stay up on the latest and greatest in online marketing technologies if you want to be the best. In terms of the wonderful world […]

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LinkedIn #PPC Personas: Targeting B2B Buyers

[January 27: Update! LinkedIn has upgraded it’s PPC platform, including the ability to target specific companies, matriculated with highly granular job titles. Watch aimClear Blog for upcoming case studies as data rolls in. The concept of this post stands, and we’ll extrapolate on the themes shortly.] LinkedIn Direct Ads get the same sort of bum […]

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Facebook Marketing to the (Lunatic) Political Fringe

Labor Day is over and the final push for Midterm Elections is here, with the media & candidates whipping up political parties into a polarizing frenzy. Whether you are a divisive mastermind looking to stir the crazy pot or a candidate hoping to clear up some slung mud, political Facebook ads are your friends amongst […]

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Eat the Elephant: Mapping to Facebook PPC-Part 1

It’s a bit like eating an elephant, a labor-intensive conundrum of today’s online marketing ecosystem. The more keyword, contextual and competitive data available to mine, the more effort is required to properly research a product’s proper place. The investment is completely worth it. Regardless of channels we plan campaigns in (flavors of SEO, PPC, Social […]


#SESNY 2010: Don’t Be Negligent, Carpe Display

The rise of exchanges in display advertising is making it look a hell of a lot more like search. Display is making headway from a shot-in-the-dark branding channel tactic to a highly targeted conduit for brands to capture the right audience, with the right dialog at the right time.

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Mining Subtle Query Intent For PPC Conversion

There has been much written surrounding classic query types. In review, conventional wisdom dictates that there are basically three kinds: Informational – suggests the searcher is on the broad quest for knowledge about a topic of interest (medical symptoms, film trivia, tips on housebreaking puppies, etc.). Navigational – indicates the searcher is on the hunt for a specific […]

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