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4 Video Optimization Experts Dish Killer Tips

YouTube has become a beast, taking seat as the second largest search engine in the world. Hulu and other niche’ engines are nipping at YouTube’s heals. Yet video search optimization remains relatively uncharted territory for most. Today at SES Toronto, respected industry experts answered the question “Are you overlooking the opportunities of video search?” The  […]

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Budgeting For SEO & PR? Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media marketing is on the minds of many this year, while proposing ’09 budgets for in-house or SEM agency clients. We’re repeatedly being asked to help with proposals and business plans. If you think selling starter social to your boss could be hard because fledgling participation doesn’t always yield immediate benifit, look again. Critical […]


Preview Organic Landing Page Conversion with PPC Tests.

Organic landing page conversion measuring is a time tested after-deployment technique which, though highly effective, can take days, weeks, or months to fully tune. As optimized pages gradually rise in the SERPs, conversion is measured and pages modified to achieve better conversion ratios. However we’d rather definitively test and tweak landing page concepts to focus […]

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13 SEO is Dead Blog Posts From The Vault

There is no shortage of SEM bloggers who recurrently shout from treetops “SEO is dead!” Indeed a Google search returns 2,200,000 documents. Searching allintitle: seo is dead returns 1,080 web pages which include those 3 inflammatory words in the html title tag. Clearly the topic of SEO’s supposed mortality is top-of-mind for search marketing practitioners […]

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Wikipedia, SEO Monster for Brand Managers

Search Engine Land Executive Editor Chris Sherman is fond of pointing out that [Social Media means] “Internet way-finding tools informed by human judgment.’ Informed’ can mean many things including egregiously uninformed.” From manufacturing to intellectual property, industry brand stewards have been forced to accept the reality of Collaborative directories like Prefound, Zimbio, and Wikipedia. There […]


How do Search Engines Rank site websites?

The following search engine optimization resource has been widely reported on. That said, I bring this SEOMOZ report forward to our readership because NOT everybody reads the same daily trade publications. 37 organic search leaders (ok pioneers) voted on their estimation of what website attributes are attractive to Google’s ranking algorithm. This is a blow-away […]


Content Sourcing, the New SEO

“Content sourcing” means creating channeled mechanisms to facilitate the output of predictable and valuable recurrent content.  Out of all the challenges companies face as they embark on advertising, PR, and marketing online jihads, the need to source content creation is ubiquitous. This post examines the content sourcing riddle and offers tips to begin the flow. […]

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Moving at the Speed of Google

Last week Google announced a number of changes, initiatives, and features that impact webmaster and marketers’ thinking for both paid and organic search. The world of search moves at dizzying speed. Here’s a summary of Google’s announcements, some of which already are having a significant impact on SERPs (search engine results pages) this morning. Paid: […]


Search Marketing in a Regulatory Environment

From a marketing perspective “search” can be confusing, challenging, and exciting. However many industries exist in and must remain compliant to regulatory environments. For instance the pharmaceutical, health, alcohol, legal, and insurance industries all must deal with various rules, regulations, and laws when it come to advertising and privacy. Adding this regulatory layer to organic […]