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Beyond “Great Content,” How to Be a Link Magnet

It feels good to be back at Search Engine Strategies 2010 New York. I was white-knuckled on the flight in but the embarrassing sobs and childish screams were all worth it to come fraternize with you search folk in the city that never sleeps. The first session of the day in the Search on the […]


Hey Stupid, You’re Our Spammer of the Month!

photo credit: sinisterbluebox <rant> I was strolling along the lake towards our lovely Canal Park Office this  morning, when my Blackberry (sonar sound) alerted me to an email. I was consumed noodling on possible blog topics for today and weighing ideas against our team’s imposing schedule. The sound of an email spammer trying to buy […]

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noFollow noWorries: An SEO Linking Update

photo credit  (just fragmented link-juice by 2 links to do the right thing): Mykl Roventine The most important news to come out of  ‘Advanced 2009 is Google’s blurt-of-a-revelation that they removed the algorithmic benefit from internal page rank sculpting, “about a year ago.” The change also affects how Google handles noFollowed outbound links. Boiled down, […]

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Super Ultimate Link Power Part 2: Search Marketers

Discover the Power of Linking: Link Building Basics session at SES NY covered a great deal of ground in representing both Search Engine and Search Marketer viewpoints on the subject of links. The second half of the session comprised of search marketers Kristjan Mar Hauksson, Debra Mastaler, and Peter Van der Graaf, which greatly contrasted […]

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Super Ultimate Link Power Part 1: Search Engine Reps

The undeniable significance of linking within the black box algorithm of the major Search Engines has been the subject of at least half the chatter and controversy in the search marketing world. Remarkable research efforts, branching theories, and “under the hood” tools have sprung from the pure need to demystify the role of links in […]


Fool’s Gold Link Exchange for Local Search Domination

Many site owners barely understand the basic pathology of links, let alone advanced Dofollow, Nofollow, Pagerank flow-sculpting, and the inherent dangers of link farming. As search marketers, it is incumbent upon us to capitalize on the market’s naivety on behalf of our clients. That’s why they hire us. The “Fool’s Gold Link Exchange” play is […]

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