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Copywriters Take Note: Keywords Exposed as Secret to Success at #SMX 2012

It’s officially here! Day 1 of SMX West 2012, that is. After a smashing success at yesterday’s aimClear Facebook Marketing Workshop, we’re ready for the main event. Starting our Tuesday morning off with a delicious cup of coffee in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center, attendees headed on over to the first of the SMX […]


Bill Hunt Blueprints Mastermind Keyword Modeling @ #SESSF

Welcome back to aimClear’s continuing coverage of #SESSF. Keyword research is a primary cog in PPC and SEO systems alike. There is no question, leveraging intent-based semantic insight for prospective customers can directly influence lift in the bottom line. Over the past year, though, the addition of Google Instant and intent-based Bing search results has made […]

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Safe For SEO, Hacking [FIXED] Google Keyword Tool

AdWords Keyword Tool may be viable again for SEO. The debilitating short-tail-only problems seem to have been fixed. Long live SEO! On October 7th 2010, we published a post in aimClear Blog entitled, “R.I.P. Google Keyword Tool. Long Live SEO!” Baris Gultekin, Group Product Manager, Google AdWords, Google, Inc. had just dropped a big stink […]

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Amplify Facebook Ad Targeting With Social Synonyms

Compliments of Silicon Alley Insider’s Chart of the Day, it’s pretty clear to see that Facebook Advertising has skyrocketed past the old standby advertising platforms of Google, AOL, Yahoo and the like in terms of ad impressions in the US. Advertising on Facebook is a serious weapon for online marketers, yet many are halted by […]

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Radical Keyword Research Part 1: ScrapeBox Suggestion Mining

Now that the AdWords keyword tool has been dumbed down, we’ve received many inquiries seeking updated advice regarding keyword research best practices.  For those depending solely on Google’s free tool, the new reality is stark.  In truth, it’s not that radical a change for many pros, because we’ve always used an assortment of tools– mild […]

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R.I.P. Google Keyword Tool. Long Live SEO!

Attendees sat stunned at #SMX East as Baris Gultekin, Group Product Manager, Google AdWords, Google, Inc. clarified that the ubiquitous AdWords Keyword Tool now only provides keywords Google deems “commercial.” It’s been obvious anyway by degraded results over the last few weeks. This represents a shift of seismic proportions to those who utilize the tool […]

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