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Facebook Targeting Alert! Gaming the Grid with Power Editor? OMG, RLY?!

Newsflash!(?) Facebook either introduced some seriously radical targeting features to Power Editor or Power Editor is being a bit wonky. We’re hoping for the former, because with this new targeting feature (?) marketers can now target Precise Interests AND Broad Categories. At the SAME TIME.

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Dear #Facebook Ads Global Marketing Solutions Team: #WTF?

A deep look at how Facebook ignores the thousands of advertisers despite oodles of advertising revenue incoming daily.


Facebook Ads Birthday Targeting: Moved, Poof, Away!

With such huge modifications rolling out in the Facebook UI, little or no attention is being paid to quiet changes taking place in Facebook Ads. Thanks to our friend Julie Gallaher for bringing us notice of the apparent loss baffling change to Facebook Ads Birthday targeting. Birthday targeting allowed marketers to push psychological buttons with […]

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Facebook Ads Unveils #Topic & Zip Code Targeting + Terms

Over the last couple of days, Facebook Ads quietly deployed a targeting feature that consolidates some social inventory. Think of the new hashtag operator as a social segment phrase match concept that rolls up tightly related interests (“Topics”) up under one expression.  The new capability, available in the stock Web UI,  should prove useful to […]

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Sweet Scoop: aimClear® Facebook Marketing Intensive,#SMX Advanced

Well friends, it’s that time of year again. SMX Advanced is all set to take place in soggy lovely Seattle next week, June 7-8, and we’re just stoked. The aimClear team is heading westward to participate in this hallmark event– Lauren (yours truly) will be churning out live coverage (via @beebow) and full write-ups right […]