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Bad Economy? Party Like 1999, Market Like 2009

In this SES New York session, veterans of  the first online marketing downturn discussed strategies that helped them survive those difficult times and how they intend to continue to survive and thrive. The Moderator is Sara Holoubek, Consultant, Columnist and SEMPO Board of Directors.

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Herding Scaredy Cats: B2C Search Strategy-2009

Moderator Andrew Goodman welcomed everyone to the sounds of classic rock (Boston) and quickly got any corporate and personal plugs out of the way. He set the tone for the session by asking the audience : How gloomy should we be? What are the real numbers beyond economic statistics? Where are we headed in 2009 and beyond?


Pew Research Categorizes Web 2.0 Users

The Pew Internet and American Life Project has released research results in which 4001 adults in the United States were segmented into groups categorized by attitudes and usage of mobile phones and the Internet. I was somewhat surprised at the results which revealed that the Web 2.0 user crowd is actually quite small. The survey, […]


User Generated Media Can Blow the Hell Out of Your Brand.

With the proliferation of user generated media beginning to saturate sites like YouTube brands can’t count on control anymore. The question is what to do about it. Real like a Heart Attack Like it or not YouTube users create commercials for brand products every day in droves. The commercials, which are sometimes negative, bastardize and […]


Squidoo, an Emerging Social Media Channel

Squidoo is an emerging social media channel which is demonstrating an ability to attain top organic rankings in highly contested keyword spaces. More importantly the site seems to operate on a simple (yet brilliant) premise that can truly help folks find the content they seek. It’s worth considering as a channel and offers some cool […]


Predicting Keywords from Current Events

Sometimes it is possible to predict keyword niches from current events or things you believe will happen. Recently Yahoo Small Business Hosting had a 3 day HTTP server 500 error issue which affected WordPress blogs and other .php applications running on their servers. When we called Yahoo to deal with the issue (this blog is […]


Search Marketing: More Then the Internet

“Search” Is Not Just About The Internet anymore. Search means people actively looking for things, no matter where they go to do so. Whether our audience is reading the newspaper in the barber’s office or social bookmarking a website on technorati, to know precisely what people search for, the words they use to ask, and […]