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Analytics Study: Organic Conversion, Algorithm Updates

* Sigh * 🙂 As long as I can remember, spring and summer have been the time for (but not limited to) barbecues, swimming and the effects of semi-surprise search algorithm updates on our clients. Recently, we’ve seen Google tinker under the hood, announcing the Mayday and (long advertised) Caffeine algorithm changes. Yahoo has been […]


GoogleAnalytics vs. Omniture: Independent Analysis

[This is a guest post written by Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzLocal.] We  get asked the “GA or Omniture” question often enough that we decided to offer up this analysis as a buyer’s guide to the marketing executive or CEO. So how well does a free product stack up against one costing six figures? The […]

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Eye Tracking Research, All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Knowing and understanding how consumers interact with your website is valuable information that can be obtained by looking over their shoulder. This approach is creepy and tedious. Instead, you could utilize eye tracking studies, but they can’t tell you the whole story. Read on for coverage from the Eye Tracking Research Update session at Search […]


Analytics Pioneer John Marshall On Using Data Well

Bottom line? Utilizing and understanding the analytic data behind your website traffic is absolutely essential if you plan on making money. The Introduction To Analytics session at Search Engine Strategies New York left the audience with a depth of courage to explore Google Analytics (GA), five elements of a CEO-worthy report, the best KPIs to […]

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Should Search Marketers Socialize Every Direct Response Solicitation?

Should direct marketers place Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or other buttons as part of the template for every email blast?   What about PPC landing pages? Should Twitter and Facebook be exit-options for every PPC landing page impression? How should advertisers think about socialization as either primary or secondary KPIs (key performance indicators A.K. A “goals.”)? At […]


You Can’t Make Money From Analytics

However, you can make money from your website when properly advised & optimized  by your web analytics, as Jim Sterne so correctly pointed out at SES Chicago 2009. Many of us have access to some sort of analytics for web properties we’re involved with, but how many of us really use the data effectively?  More […]

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YouTube Analytics: Insight Adds 3 Cool Features

Hop into the YouTube analytics suite Insight and you’ll notice YouTube has added some new features to the platform. Obvious additions are pretty new color charts allowing us  to view discovery of videos over time. Being able to monitor view-count over the lifespan of a video and tracking the sources of those views is nothing […]

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Tracking Results: YouTube Analytics Fundamentals

When posting videos on YouTube, there’s little more titillating than knowing (with analytic-certainty) that people are actually viewing them.  Watching the view-count crank definitely produces a delightful tingly feeling. When a video is tailored to a particular audience to reach a specified objective, measuring more granular demographic data about views and viewers can be incredibly […]

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Web Analytics Power! Turning Data into Dollars

Web analytics data provides an abundance of insight that can ultimately increase revenue for a company. The problem is many aren’t up to the task of deciphering the metrics to really understand making associated reports pay. Today’s  SES Toronto session titled “Analytics for Search: ROI, Engagement, Attribution, and More” was just loaded, with a great […]

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