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Social Media Contract: Anatomy of a Scope Document

One of the more challenging aspects of running an online marketing agency is mashing our process into legal agreements. Out of the legalese we typically cover in our documentation (fee structure, NDA, Term, Termination, Indemnification, Arbitration, etc…) none is more delightfully daunting than the obligatory “scope” exhibit.


The Ultimate Local Ad Agency 2010 Fiscal Model?

credit: zenobia_joy In yesterday’s post, guest blogger and CEO of, Dennis Yu, tackled some important concepts of the local ad firm- specifically the fact that it is sure to kick the bucket in 2010 if industry professionals don’t take proactive steps as soon as possible. Part two of this story will address changes the […]

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Evolve Or Die: 2010 Local Ad Agency Fiscal Models

Borrell Research released a report on the Economics of Search Marketing for firms catering to local—ReachLocal, Yodle, MarchEx, WebVisible, and others.  Companies in this space churn up to 90% of their clients every 6 months, meaning that they lose clients as fast as they can gain them.  The Kelsey Group confirmed this trend last year, […]

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The “Complete Marketer” Search Agency Model

photo credit: craigCloutier\ Most larger Internet marketing agencies and in-house shops are configured as departments of specialists. It’s no wonder! In today’s complicated world PPC, ORM, social media, link building, affiliate networks, analytics, content creation, video, public relations, SEO, vendor and account management (whew) all require experienced and nuanced practitioners.

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How Savvy Advertising Agencies Outsource Search

For years now our search-specialized marketing shop has worked with “traditional” advertising agencies,  who’s clients ask them for services we provide. While ad agencies have discovered their digital-metamorphosis involves an intense learning curve, trial and error and experience-most figure  out their appropriate place at the search table after training. However, since their clients need help […]

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