Merry Morud

Merry Morud

Assoc. Creative Director

Merry Morud is the Assoc. Creative Director at Aimclear®, specializing in audience-specific, channel-focused messaging, and deep psychographic audience research. She joined Aimclear® in 2008 as employee No. 4 and is a master at aligning creative and messaging with psychographic personas and interests.

Merry is currently excited to be under contract full-time with Uber in San Francisco managing paid social rider acquisition.

A top contributor to Aimclearblog, Merry is also a noted author and thought leader throughout the marketing universe. Her brilliance has been shared with the masses through various marketing blogs and podcasts, along with numerous high profile speaking engagements around the world.

Merry’s thought leadership extends to webcasts for publications including WriterAccess and Search Marketing Now. She presents at Aimclear®’s Social PPC and Psychographic Display Intensive; Social Content Distribution for SEO- the New Link Building; Community Management Master Class; and Facebook Marketing Intensive Workshops.

An industry trailblazer, Merry piloted and managed innovative Facebook PPC initiatives for Fortune and Global 500 companies, and is also well experienced in handling the unique online marketing needs of midsize and startup businesses.