Welcome, Susan Wenograd! Marketing Superstar Joins Aimclear’s Rockstar Roster

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All of marketing is digital – digitized data and distribution melded with best-in-class human talent, artificial intelligence, and hot channels. The industry is as cutting edge as it gets.

Even cooler, though, is the fabulous company we keep. Inspiring humans hanging out in awesome locales like San Francisco, Bend, Vegas, NYC, Austin, Dallas, London, Munich, Sydney – the list of locations, events and amazing people seems endless.

So today, I’m totally psyched to tell the world that one of our shared conference circuit friends, Susan Wenograd, is settling in as a member of the Aimclear team. Susan’s responsibilities center exclusively on working with her existing consultancy clients, taking the title Account Group Director. Marketers who’ve been to SMX, Pubcon, Digital Summit Series or any of a number of other hot industry conferences have likely been motivated by Susan’s dynamic sessions. From Google Ads and Facebook to crazy cool filtered remarketing, Susan has established herself in the top echelon of industry thought leaders.

Susan is now part of our Aimclear team!

The news was formally distributed through PR channels today, so be sure to check that out. Suffice it to say, Susan hit the ground running as the newest member of our close-knit, mind-blowing team that is second-to-none.

She’s led a successful digital marketing consultancy over the past decade and has been a senior leader at some really cool agencies over the last 15+ years (with an in-house gig or two for good measure). Through Susan Wenograd Media, she’s built up a solid book of business with important and highly valued clients and will continue to support those clients hands-on, tapping the broader Aimclear team as needed.

In this new role, Susan will manage her existing book of Wenograd clients whilst getting steeped in business development and mutual expansion of our respective (now-intertwined) thought leadership footprint. So fear not, marketing friends, you’ll still see her – likely even more so – out on the conference circuit. Aimclear and Susan have gotten to know each other really well over the years and it’s uncanny how she embodies so much of Aimclear’s marketing mojo, authenticity, and biz development chops in complementary ways.

Susan will continue to work out of the cool work space in Richmond, Virginia, that has been the HQ for Susan Wenograd Media. While this essentially extends Aimclear’s geographic presence, she’ll also spend a lot of time on the road at conferences, client meetings, and deep dive sessions at Aimclear in Duluth and Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Susan has a passion, urgency and excitement for all things related to next-gen marketing. It’s been wondrous watching her emerge and mature into an undisputed industry leader through innovative thinking, extreme hard work and great delivery for clients.

Aimclear rose to 6X Inc. 5000 status and 2X Best Large Integrated Agency (US Search Awards) by fostering a potent team that delivers true and pervasive marketing integration. Over the years I periodically look at our team page on Aimclear.com and say to myself, “Damn, that’s one hot list of bad-ass marketers!” Adding Susan’s pic to that page this week marks another epic add to the Aimclear family.  

You’ll see the Aimclear’ified iteration of Susan Wenograd soon. She’ll be presenting with me during the Masters Group Workshops at Pubcon in Vegas with me for the third straight Pubcon and hanging out at the US Search Awards where we hope to bring home our 11th and 12th US Search trophies!