Cultivate! Aimclear’s New Division Paves the Way For Entrepreneurs Aiming to GROW

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As an entrepreneur & marketer, I get a fascinating view of today’s business world. At Aimclear, we’ll often meet with a CEO of a household brand one day, then grab coffee the next morning with an entrepreneur who has a stunning idea and a tight budget, driving to move dream to reality.

I was once the person on the other side of the table – a fanatical dreamer pushing ideas.  Aimclear was my fifth startup. A company that jetted from concept to 6X Inc. 5000 status in a decade. We’ve worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world, including Firestone, Uber, Dell, Airbnb, Etsy, eBay, LinkedIn, 3M, Siemens, and the list goes on.

All the while, we cherish working with SMBs and forward-thinking growth entrepreneurs. Aimclear has helped bring multiple cool products and concepts to the forefront, with some achieving big-brand status in a short time. For our business, it’s wicked cool to help create large clients for Aimclear, by facilitating their vision and helping to spend first, precious, lifeblood, marketing dollars.

I’m humbled and excited with the launch of Cultivate, a new Aimclear service designed specifically for growth companies.

Cultivate delivers the might of integrated search, digital, social marketing, content and PR — the kind of kickass marketing fashioned for iconic brands, but concentrated for growth-minded businesses. Aimclear Cultivate helps motivated smaller clients use first marketing budgets to the greatest extent we can imagine together.  

Too often, startup/SMB decisions flow from gut instinct and scarce time. Processes? Probably none. Proven track records with marketing? Metrics? WTH? Cultivate taps amazing technology and really smart Aimclear marketers to bring enterprise-caliber marketing to the masses.  

Advanced digital marketing shouldn’t be exclusive to big enterprise organizations. Growth companies need to target precise audiences and track success from campaign to the customer as much, if not more, than huge players. We’ll find what to do first, to build upon and scale as marketplaces and products align.

Aimclear is considered to have helped redefine digital-age marketing. We won Best Large Integrated Agency at the US Search Awards. For Cultivate, our team melded a decade’s worth of innovation, successes and case studies to craft marketing services specifically around the needs of the entrepreneur and small business operator.

I encourage you to check out Cultivate (and its designated content page). Better yet — get in touch with us directly. Our Cultivate team can’t wait to help more entrepreneurs and SMBs get to the next level of success. We’ve been running Cultivate in soft launch mode for over a year, working with dozens of clients. The Cultivate business unit is growing quickly. Also, feel free to reach out via the Aimclear’s contact form to get started. TTYS!