Usability Expert, Shari Thurow, SHOCKING Retort to Responsive Design

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Shari Thurow lives at the intersection of search and usability, so when she says listening is the key to creating a great user experience, we should listen. Shari spent time with Marty Weintraub on the expo floor at SMX East zooming out to hit the key bullet points marketers need to remember when thinking about user experiences and user interfaces.

  • Rus

    Wow, she totally nailed it. I’ve been saying the same thing about responsive (and other trends) and usability for a while.

    The hard part is to get decision makers to quit buying the hype and listen to reason.

    Great video!

  • Anthony Ragland

    Hi Kevin & Nate … thanks for posting the video of Shari’s advice. I couldn’t agree with her more. Usability testing, interviewing front line employees, and Voice of the Customer research is like having a cheat sheet to improve user experience. Listening to the user is the key to digital success. Best regards!