Balancing Business, Babies & Family: The Rhea Drysdale #SMX West Interview

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Today, we continue our coverage from last week’s SMX West! Balancing a growing family and an evolving search marketing business requires mixing business with family life. Rhea Drysdale, CEO of Outspoken Media and mom to 11-month old Liam, stopped by to share how blending the two well makes for a stronger company. The interview was extraordinarily candid, a fascinating gift of perspective to any professional contemplating the very personal decisions surrounding children and maintaining career.

Rhea spent a year preparing a team to run her company while she started her family. Building a business into a true representation of personal time, babies, and professional responsibilities is how companies in our industry can attract and maintain amazing talent. From at-the-office daycare centers to daddy parental leave to breast-pumping stations, making the workplace an environment employees can feel at “home” in is what we have found keeps employees satisfied. Rhea agrees.

“I looked at every single human being on the planet in a different light,” Rhea said about how she changed professionally after becoming a mom. From maximizing her time to handle a newborn’s unpredictable schedule to being more empathetic as an employer, providing better benefits and more flexibility, parenthood has affected Outspoken for the better.

Rhea’s advice to professionals weighing the balance of their personal and professional lives is that there is never a perfect time to start a family. “There are moments when you have to come to terms with what you want out of life.” This transcends the importance of our industry and is an intensely personal decision you have to make with your partner.

For more of Rhea’s insights, including how she made the Outspoken workplace baby and mom friendly, check out the full interview below.


  • Rhea Drysdale

    Thank you Marty (and the aimClear team) for a more personal interview. My passion over the past year really has been about growing the business and the intersection of family/personal goals with team development and what it takes to run a successful agency. It’s been an amazing ride and one that will continue for a long time to come. Big fans of aimClear and what you’ve built in your community and the industry–it’s because you balance exceptional work/results with the more intrinsic values. Hopefully, we can achieve the same over time and are on the right path already. 🙂

    • Marty Weintraub

      You’re welcome Rhea, and thanks back at ya’. Having raised two amazing daughters at the same time as growing aimClear, the topic is dear to my heart as well. We’re grateful that you were willing to share such personal information and have already gotten private comments that the perspective is helping other families. Great to see you again and congrats’ for what you accomplished with OutSpoken.

  • Sheena Schleicher

    Thank you for sharing, Rhea! I love how you made your dream of having a family come to fruition and at the same time, became a better, more empathic employer. I hope more companies realize how enabling their team to continue their lifestyle benefits the company too. Very inspiring! 🙂

  • Tony H

    Thanks for sharing Rhea, to hear your story is truly inspirational.